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BiblePay has moved features away from the web and to the Unchained Desktop Application. The Unchained Desktop App is part of the BiblePay core wallet, however it lives in its own EXE (executable program). It is connected to the wallet through one core-wallet wallet keypair to Unchained Desktop: The key label 'Unchained'. This allows Unchained to provide features such as video tipping, NFT purchases, file storage charges, and the BiblePay Phone System.

How to associate the Core Wallet with Unchained

When you launch unchained for the first time, the core wallet will automatically provision the 'Unchained' key for you. You will need to send funds to that key in order to spend in Unchained.

How To Launch Unchained

Click the Unchained button from the left menu.

BiblePay Phone System

We are happy to announce the first Blockchain Phone Service. With the BiblePay Phone system, you get a real US phone number attached to your BBP keypair. Our softphone allows you to make and receive phone calls globally from real PSTN phone numbers and to real PSTN phone numbers at an extremely low rate per minute (1.9 cents per minute) for long distance. You can call any country in the world for this low rate. In version 1.0, the phone service works as a softphone where you wear your headset. In version 2.0 (coming soon) you can use a hardware phone as well.

How do I provision my BiblePay Phone?

1. Launch Unchained Desktop

2. Verify your Balance is > 5000 BBP

3. Click on Phone Service

4. Choose a Phone Region and Area Code.

5. BiblePay will provide a real phone number.

6. Make a test call.

7. Your assigned phone number will always be visible from the Phone Service page.

Online Sancs (Active Hosted Sanctuaries/Techies) vs Offline Sancs (Investors)

We have two modes. Online Sancs are designed for enthusiasts who want to host a sanctuary on a VM and earn the full 100% reward. These sanctuaries actively help the network by ensuring nodes are available to supply blocks, they perform Sanctuary Mining, and they take part in running our Cockroach Database and help host the phone system.

Offline Sancs (Investor Sancs) are sanctuaries that are always offline. They do not participate in servicing the users, but they do help maintain our price by holding a stake in a sanctuary investment.

Both types of sancs require the same collateral: 4,500,001 BBP.

The Online sanc receives a 100% reward while the offline sanc receives a 50% reward.

How to Create a Sanctuary

Regardless whether you want an Investor sanc or an active sanc, you can follow these instructions to create a new sanc:

Once the sanctuary is running, you will receive a full reward if it is hosted. If it falls into the INVESTOR state you will receive half of the reward. Note, investors will need to set a key in their biblepay.conf file: revivesanctuaries=1. This key will cause the biblepay wallet to revive your investor sancs once per day. You will need to leave the home controller wallet running so that biblepay can revive your sanctuaries. Also, your wallet needs to be unlocked so that BBP can send out a revival transaction.

Thank you for Using BiblePay!