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Easiest Way to Create a Deterministic Sanctuary

A deterministic sanctuary is the latest version that conforms to the Dash 0.16 codebase, meaning it receives deterministic payments in contrast to legacy voted payments.

This means sanctuary owners cannot complete a new sanctuary by following the legacy guide.

1. Go to Receiving Addresses | New. Name the new address a good name for your sanc, such as Joe1 or Sanc1 etc. Copy the new address to the clipboard.

2. Go to Send Money. Send 4,500,001 to the address in the clipboard.

3. Go to Overview and look at the transaction list. Double click on the last transaction for 4,500,001. Copy the TXID to the clipboard. Before you close the window, copy down the output ordinal of the 4,500,001 (its usually ordinal 0). For example, if the window shows 4,500,001 went first in vout-0, and the transaction change went to vout-1, your ordinal is 0.

4. Open ~/.biblepay/masternode.conf in your favorite editor such as nano or notepad. Add a line that looks like this if your sanc name is joe1:

joe1 mnp txid n

Replace the IP address with the IP address of your cold sanctuary. Replace txid with the txid in the clipboard. Replace the n with the txid ordinal (usually 0).

Save the file.

5. Wait a couple blocks to ensure your 4,500,001 is at least 2 deep. Go to Tools | Information | Console. Type 'exec upgradesanc joe1'.

If you get an error for insufficient funds, go to File | Address Book and copy the address for 'joe1-d', and send 250 bbp to it, and then wait a couple more blocks for the funds to mature then try 'exec upgradesanc joe1' again.

Once successful, copy the blsprivatekey to your clipboard.

6. Wait a couple blocks to ensure the upgrade is 2 deep. Type 'exec revivesanc joe1'. At this point you should see your sanctuary in the Sanctuaries tab.

7. Remote into your cold sanctuary. Edit the ~/.biblepay/biblepay.conf file.

Paste your Sanctuary BLS Private Key into this file this way by replacing the n's with your key:


8. Restart your cold sanctuary. After a couple blocks type 'masternode status'. It should say "READY".