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Common Use Cases

This page serves as a very high level guide that will show you what to expect with BiblePay, and how you can accomplish our most important functions.

How do I Mine BiblePay with RandomX and what is merge mining?

We are a proof-of-work based RandomX merge-mined coin. Merge mining means you receive rewards from two currencies when you mine BBP (both BBP & XMR). This reduces your total electricity costs significantly. For RandomX, you use a regular PC to mine. To Mine see this setup guide:

What is a staking reward, and how do I stake BBP, and what is DWU?

Staking is the process of allocating one of your BBP coins in the wallet and locking it in a contract so it can't be easily spent (although you can unlock it and spend it if you decide you need the funds). This coin is stored in a smart contract. As long as the coin is in the contract (and unspent) you receive rewards on this stake daily. Our staking rewards return a dynamic daily payment (based on all current stake yields ascertained from the available daily budget), and as of September 2021 the current rate is 20% for BBP annualized (we call this return the DWU, Dynamic whale-reward).

To stake BBP, navigate to | Portfolio Builder. From there, select BBP as the cryptocurrency. Enter a receive address where you have funded your stake (be sure the amount sent ends in your 5 digit pin). Save the record. If you have questions, contact [email protected]

More information on staking: