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Upgrading to - RandomX

On March 24th, 2020, at block 184675, BiblePay will be transitioning to the RandomX algorithm. This upgrade is a major release therefore we need to explain some finer technical details that may not be apparent so we can help you upgrade.

Mining BiblePay with RandomX

Download XMRig:


Self Built Xmrig: https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig

How to Mine with XMRIG-BBP with BBP Dual Hash Mining

xmrig.exe -o unchained.biblepay.org:3001 -u your_monero_address -p your_biblepay_address --threads nproc_count

(Where your bbp receive address for main-net receives Biblepay rewards, and your monero mainnet address receives prod rewards.)

How to get a Monero Production Wallet (for dual-hash mining rewards)

To get a monero production wallet, without running the full monero client (this gives you an XMR address to mine to):


Pool Configuration:

Pool: https://foundation.biblepay.org Port: See pool's Getting Started configuration page for various port options that allow you to select your target difficulty

Exchanges, Block Explorers and Self Compiling Full Nodes

The compilation instructions have slightly changed, due to integrating RandomX into our core crypto library. Please refer to this document first: https://github.com/biblepay/biblepay/blob/master/BuildBiblePay.txt Note the part about compiling RandomX. This is an easy step, and is only required once. In general, a person compiling BiblePay will cd to the "depends" directory, compile depends as usual, then back out, cd to RandomX, compile randomX, then back out and compile the coin. Additionally, our github URL has changed to: https://github.com/biblepay/biblepay (however, we have integrated an automatic redirect in our old URL so as to not break any old scripts).

Location of the BiblePay wallet.dat and blockstore (blocks directory) has changed in this release

To reduce confusion within our community we have moved our blockstore and wallet location back to its original location (~/.biblepay) from the old location (~/.biblepayevolution). Please make a backup of your wallet before moving the data. To move the whole unix directory, type: mv ~/.biblepayevolution ~/.biblepay . Note: Be sure to save your deterministic.conf file and masternode.conf file(s), if you have sanctuaries (move it with the data) as this contains your sanctuary key information. This directory also contains your biblepay.conf file. So it is advised to move the whole directory. On windows, you should copy: %appdata%\biblepayevolution over to %appdata%\biblepay.


For exchanges, and block explorers: You will not be affected because our memory tuning selector is set to only use 256meg for full nodes by default if they are not miners. However, for miners and those running sanctuaries, Since RandomX uses up 256Meg of memory per mining thread (or block checking thread), be wary about starting the solo miner. Each solo mining thread will consume more RAM. Therefore we advise you to start very small, for example: setgenerate true 1, check the stability of your system, then move to setgenerate 2. Know that it is never profitable to solo mine with the core wallet, due to the memory tuning constraint. See Mining with XMRig below to mine bbp with randomx.