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The spirit of this article is to analyze the state of affairs as of the year 2019 AD, compare Rabbinic Jubilees and Messianic Jubilees, acknowledge the 120th Jubilee, list events leading up to the 120th jubilee, discern the current season, and hypothesize the season of the Lords return.

As you know, whether we have a pre-trib, mid-trib or post-trib rapture, once the tribulation starts, a new era has begun, where every human on Earth will be focused on survival and making it to the end of the 7 year tribulation. Therefore, we may conclude that the most important period is the 'cleansing of the bride period' and that is between now and the date when the Covenant With Many (or the approved plans to build the 3rd temple) commence. Another way to look at this is, as we clear the way for the Antichrist, and everything falls into place that presupposes the Covenant with Many, our time left in this era appears to be very limited.

Earlier this year, I wrote this page, the Imminence of Jesus. This page contains a good reference for material leading up to the basis of this new article:


Let's cover Jubilees. A jubilee is the end of a period of 7 cycles of Shmita's (Sabbatical Years). This is a period of either 49 or 50 years. God commanded the Israelites to farm the land for 49 years, but the 50th year shall be hallow; you must let the land rest. The other function of the 50th year is all debts are cancelled. The original Jubilees were observed (in the book of Jubilees) as continuous cycles of 49 years, and while in the 50th, a new cycle already started - meaning that jubilee dates were divisible by 49. This continued through the Old Testament, with the Israelites not giving rest to the land. God said in Daniel, 70 years of punishment are determined for your land to lay fallow for the Jubilees that were not honored (missed). This explains why the Jubilees were 49 years before the punishment. After the punishment, although the Jubilees were not celebrated (because the Jewish people were scattered and the temple destroyed) a very interesting pattern occurs in 1867 (see table). Notice the miraculous events that happen every 50 years to the Jews, like clockwork. It is my assumption that Gods original 50 year jubilee is being celebrated (after the birth of the Messiah).

Year (A.D.)Event
27Messiah declares "The Year of the Lords Favor", reading in the temple in Nazareth (Luke 4:16) - On the day before the Jubilee, on the Sabbath: To set at liberty those that are bruised (Luke 4:18), to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.
67The nationalists entered the temple and burned records of all debt, and then the temple was destroyed.
1517Turks conquer Palestine; walls of Jerusalem are built, Reformation of the Church (1517 - Luther)
1617Luther nailed 95 theses to the churches (freeing the Protestant church from the Catholic Church)
1717100th anniv of Protestant Church, Benjamin Hoadleys Bangorian Controversy separates church & state
1867Emancipation of Jews from Austria and Hungary
1917British empire conquest of the Ottoman empire - Jerusalem initially regained
1967(6 day war) Jerusalem regained - Miraculous regaining of Jewish Independence
2017Revelation 12 sign (Messiah & bride have a baby); 70th anniversary of Declaration of Independence and establishment of State of Israel; 120th Anniv of first Zionist Congress; 100 Year Anniv of Balfour Declaration; Trump sets up future embassy in Jerusalem

Understand that these dates are exact, miraculous, and amazing (in the sense that other miraculous Jewish events of this magnitude did not happen between these dates like they did on these dates).

It's undeniably God at work, setting up miraculous events to point to Jubilee years. In addition, the "type" of events occurring here are absolutely based on "gaining back what you own or deserve" and "freedom", these are elements of Jubilees (being freed from debt, or regaining possession of property).

In my opinion, the case for the 'season' of the Lords return must include all of Matthew 24, the Revelation 12 sign, be after Tetrads of blood moons, have the players of Ezekiel 38 lined up, appear to fulfill Isaiah 17 (Damascus Destroyed), and finally, the 3rd temple must be approved to be built, and finally (The Antichrist will be revealed and sign the covenant with many). Jews from the US and Europe must migrate back to their homeland (the Russian Jews already left, the Chinese Jews are minimal, European Jews are numbered around 2.4 mil, while the US still has 5.5 million. There are approx 6 million Jews in Israel).

Looking into the current events, we have fulfilled the Matthew 24 signs, the Rev 12, the Tetrads, we have Ezekiel 38s players lined up, Damascus is very close to being destroyed. What must happen next is the Temple must be approved to be rebuilt and/or at least one false Messiah should show up (see Israel re-elections 2019, third Madhi).

Because I believe it is extremely significant for these events to occur (leading up to the Messianic Kingdom) on or near a Jubilee, I make the case for 2021 first (the 120th Jubilee) and stress that these events will not all line up again until 2036 or 2067. (2036 if you only believe in a Tetrad of blood moons/2067 if you believe we wait until the *next* Jubilee).

The case for the 120th Jubilee: Mans days shall be 120; A day is like a thousand years; Six days is appointed for work then 1 for rest (6000 years of history, then 1000 years for Millenial Kingdom); We are the fig tree generation; this generation will not pass when you see these things occur (Israel was restored 71 years ago). A generation is 70-80 years (80 with strength). The 120th jubilee occurred approximately during the Rev 12 sign. (Hundreds of rapture dreams posted on youtube with increasing frequency; would the Lord have us post them now for no reason? Shall I bring forth a baby and not deliver it (Isaiah 66:9)? The case for the False Pope - now, the case for the prior president exercising 90 signs of the coming of the spirit of the Antichrist. The return of the Jewish people to their homeland, miraculously.).

The Star of Bethlehem appeared in the sky approx 7 BC to warn the Magi to start making their journey to see the King of Israel (Jesus). This was 3 1/2 years before Jesus was born. Extending the case of the Star of Bethlehem passing over Israel at the end of 2016, and the Rev 12 sign occuring shortly thereafter (I will make signs appear in the Heavens above), I make the assumption that God is giving us a 3 1/2 year warning again (from the Rev 12 sign) that allows the Bride to cleanse and ready herself, while Jesus builds the mansion. (A man shall not go to war or conduct business for a year, when first engaged to the bride). I place the emphasis on the year 2021. In my humble opinion, this is the apex of all events - the Season. At this point, you have the aftermath of the Deal of the Century (a possible peace plan), a false Christ could have already appeared (after Israeli re-elections), Damascus will likely be destroyed, and tensions will rise between China/US and Russia/US and Turkey/US and Iran/US to the point that could easily be the trigger or "kickoff" event. Some also believe an event takes out the US (that keeps us from helping Israel, since we are not in bible prophecy), and that theory resonates with the necessity for the US Jewish population to emigrate back to their homeland (an event or circumstance must exist that makes the Jews desire to the leave the US and the EU. Jewish persecution is currently rising the EU).

So my friends this article is written in the spirit to explain and to warn others - that we, Christians, should become ready for the Lord now, and not delay, or make assumptions that he is coming in 50 more years. I would rather be wrong about my 2021 "season" call than risk having not given the perspective and the warning.

How do we get ready? Learn about bearing Christian Fruit. Repent of your sins first. Spread the Gospel, cast out demons, heal the sick, feed the poor, pick up your cross.