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We offer dual-hash mining with rewards in both BBP + XMR. This is slightly different than merged mining, in that BBP's blocks are now solved with an equation that prevents pre-image attacks (http://wiki.biblepay.org/Preventing_Preimage_Attacks).

In theory, you will receive approximately 200% more revenue for mining (more specifically, 100% in XMR rewards, and 100% of your hashpower in BBP rewards)

Each RandomX hash has a full 100% chance of solving a BBP block (or a pool share), while each RandomX hash still has an equal chance of solving an XMR share.

1. Install Monero Wallet

a. https://mymonero.com/

b. Setup seed words and pin

c. Create receiving address (YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS)

2. Install BiblePay Wallet

a. https://www.biblepay.org/wallet/

b. Create receiving address (YOUR_BIBLEPAY_ADDRESS)

File >>> Receiving Address >>> New >>> Ok >>> Right Click >>> Copy Address

or Tools >>> Debug Console >>> Type command: getnewaddress "" >>> Click Enter

3. Download XMRig zip

a. Create Folder (Example: C:\mining)

b. Download .zip

https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/releases >>> Assets

Source: https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig/

c. Copy .zip to new folder and Unzip it

d. Should see a script (batch) file and an executable rig file

4. Edit the script (.bat) file


 xmrig.exe -o foundation.biblepay.org:3001 -u YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS -p YOUR_BIBLEPAY_ADDRESS --threads 4


 ./xmrig -o foundation.biblepay.org:3001 -u=YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS -p=YOUR_BIBLEPAY_ADDRESS --threads 4

NOTE: Change number of threads to what works best for your machine,

OPTIONAL: Can add .YOUR_WORKER_NAME to end of YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS, it adds your cpu information per worker to xmrig


5. Run the script

Double click it

6. Pools


How to Setup Failover Pool


How to Create a Pool

Source: https://github.com/biblepay/foundation
Forum: https://forum.biblepay.org/index.php?topic=517.msg7288#msg7288
Guide: https://github.com/biblepay/foundation/blob/master/Creating%20a%20BiblePay%20Foundation%20Satellite%20Pool.pdf

7. Giveaway


8. Mining Profit Calculator


9. CPU Benchmarks


10. CPU Cache & RAM

"No matter what your cores/threads are the miner will allocate about 2GB RAM per CPU for fast mode which desktop PCs use. The higher ram needed is good for discouraging botnets

 RandomX can operate in two main modes with different memory requirements:
 Fast mode - requires 2080 MiB of shared memory.
 Light mode - requires only 256 MiB of shared memory, but runs significantly slower
 Optimal Performance
 16 KiB of L1 cache, 256 KiB of L2 cache and 2 MiB of L3 cache per mining thread
 At least 2.5 GiB of free RAM per NUMA node
 Multiple memory channels may be required:
 DDR3 memory is limited to about 1500-2000 H/s per channel (depending on frequency and timings)
 DDR4 memory is limited to about 4000-6000 H/s per channel (depending on frequency and timings)

The ram usually not a problem. Whats important is how much cache the cpu has for example why new Ryzen CPUs are so good at RandomX is because of the high amount of cache they have.

So lets say an Intel 9900k 8c/16 threads which has L1 cache 512 KiB, L2 cache 2 MiB, L3 cache 16 MiB. Due to the l2/l3 cache limitations that even though you have 16 threads any more then 8 threads will not give any boost in hashrate.

Then look at lets say 3700x 8c/16t which has L1 cache 512 KiB, L2 cache 4MiB, L3 cache 32 MiB. There we have enough cache to utilize all the 16 threads for optimal performance." -Earlzmoade

Reference: https://forum.biblepay.org/index.php?topic=517.msg7763#msg7763

11. Randomx Github


12. Donate to XMRig Developers!

"Default donation is 5% (5 minutes in 100 minutes) and can be reduced to 1% via option donate-level or disabled in source code."

Example: --donate-level 1

What is RandomX?


Get Community Help / Support

Forum: https://forum.biblepay.org/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/yWgbKdM
Telegram: https://t.me/biblepay_airdrop/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BiblePay/
Email: [email protected]