The Divine Nature of the Bible

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The Divine Nature of the BibleBe wise
Description of EvidenceProphet or PatriarchReference
40 people record evidence over 1,600 years in Hebrew Aramaic and GreekScribes and ProphetsOld and New Testament
The love story of the bible does not contradict itself, with a narrative of the blueprint for man, the commandments of God, the Salvation of Jesus Christ66 booksOld and New Testament
History, culture, geography and biography agrees with science in every respectScienceDiscoveries
Hollywood movies require re-takes, news requires editing, and the encyclopedia required updating, but the bible was correct in its initial form.Divine OriginScribes
Hundreds of geographical places exist in the bible such as Egypt down from Canaan, Antioch down from Jerusalem, Gaza south of Samaria, etc. Not a single error has been discovered and requires the scribes to have received wisdom from on high. Divine OriginScribes
Israels history is foretold in DeuteronomyHistory ForetoldDeuteronomy 28:47-68
Assyrians will rise against Israel for punishment for Idolatry, then the Assyrians will be destroyedHistory ForetoldIsaiah 10:12
Kingdom of Judah will be punished by Babylon, then Babylon will be destroyedHistory Foretold2 Kings 24; 2 Chronicles 36
Sennacherib will not take the city of JerusalemHistory Foretold2 Kings 19:35
Josiah will rise as King and his work foretoldHistory ForetoldIsaiah 44:28
The Messiah will be born of woman, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Judah, of the lineage of DavidJesus ChristGenesis 3:15; 2 Samuel 7:12; Isaiah 7:14
Christ will appear during the Roman reignJesus ChristDaniel 2:44
Christ will be cut off 490 years after the command to restore Jerusalem at the end of Babylonian captivityJesus ChristDaniel 9:24
Jesus will be both human and divine and eternalJesus ChristMicah 5:2; John 1:1
He will be submissive to his Fathers will, and gentle and compassionateJesus ChristIsaiah 42:1; Psalm 40:8
The Messiah will be betrayed by a friend for 30 pieces of silverJesus ChristPsalm 41:9; Zechariah 11:12
His flesh will not be corrupted, his bones not be broken, he will be raised from the grave, he will be pierced for our transgressionsJesus ChristPsalm 16:10; Psalm 34:20; Isaiah 53:5
The bible has survived vicious attacks attempting to destroy it from the emporers of Rome, communist dictators, the atheists and the agnostics, but survives as an indestructible and the most well published book in the world The BibleDivine Nature
Debunking "Criticism of the Bible"'s #1 Ethical viewpoint: The old testament gave commandments to men to kill adulterers and homosexuals, commit ethnic cleansing and genocide:

The jews being Gods chosen people were supposed to be set apart as Holy. The prototype shall not practice idolatry. Yahweh gave orders to take the land of Amorites and Canaanites, but not to intermingle

and commit their idolatry.
The Old TestamentExodus 34:11
Debunking Elizabeth Andersons view of Gods moral character, that he punishes 24000 Israelites because some sinned: Yes, a Holy people are not to set up Asteroth poles and commit fornication and idolatry with foreign Gods, incesing Gods anger for his chosen prototype. The Old TestamentNumbers 25:1
Jesus makes family members hate one another so they will love him more: False. Jesus teaches that you always must love God more than any man or woman on earth (inlcuding parents). Any other way is idolatryThe New TestamentMatthew 10:35
Simon blackburn argues that the bible gives carte blanche harsh attitudes for mentally handicapped, animals and those with sexual habits: God created his commandments and laws to be followed for the good of society.The Bible66 books
Blackburn states Jesus was racist: The gift of the church age was originally intended for the Jews who rejected him. The Gentiles were grafted in to make the Jews Jealous. No amount of arguing can explain ignorance of the narrative. The New TestamentMatthew 15:26
William Dever and others claim there is no proof of Exodus: The chariot wheels were discovered right where Moses parted the red sea: Old TestamentExodus 14:24
Debunking the Stephen Gould anti-Genesis creation narrative: Scientists who believe in Radiocarbon dating and the big bang believe we need billions of years for darwinism and evolution. However the veracity of radiocarbon dating itself is so speculative, in that radiocarbon dating relies on an equal amount of c12 vs c14. It cannot be proven that this balance even existed before the flood of Noah, let alone during the big bang. It is entirely speculative to assume radiocarbon dating can be used over a span pre-noahanic flood. BibleCredibility
Debunking genetics, evolution and cosmology: The argument that darwinism must have billions of years to be successful can be debunked with this hypothesis:

Darwinism requires an evolution of complexity in cells to create greater beings over billions of years. Then why is it that the roundworm has the same DNA alphabet, the same advanced protien manufacturing station and the same reproductive capabilities in the prototype as in the human? Is it because God was the designer? Where are the hopeful monsters (monsters with appendages)? There is no archeological evidence (except

a pro-bible Cambrian explosion) of the existence of specific types, supporting the bible.
The BibleDebunking Darwinism
Debunking cosmology: The argument that we need the big bang to occur billions of years ago is required to support darwinism, while Genesis gives us a 6,000 year timeline. However, the big bang relies on many speculative assumptions for its cosmological model: Isotropy (that space is uniform), Superclusters (that clusters existed before and now), lack of antimatter, dark matter and dark energy ratio, the cosmological constant, and the expansion rate of the universe. The Robertson Walker model is so speculative and full of assumptions. While the Bible tells us that God will give us signs in the heavens.The BibleDebunking the Big Bang
Debunking Quran as compared to Abrahamic bible: Quran says Jesus was not crucified, it was a psychological event (although history shows proof of the crucifixion). Mohamed also had 12 wives with one being 11 years old, while the Quran states you should have no more than 4. (Sura 4:3). You may beat your wives. This practice of fornication is in opposition to Abrahamic commandments, though shall not commit adultery or fornication. Test the spirits (1 John 4:1) - those of God will agree Jesus was crucified. The BibleDebunking Quran
Veracity of Accuracy of Bible: The Old Testament was reproduced for a thousand years before the dead sea scrolls washed up. In 1000ad, these scrolls proved the veracity and accuracy of the old testament, being for all intents and purposes perfect in Hebrew. Also by the time the scribes reproduced the KJV, we had more advanced methods to check the accuracy of the new testament; but the overarching message is the scribes used to count the letters and verify the complete accuracy of each copy.The BibleAccuracy
All scripture is God Breathed and teachings within are the final authority in all matters and practicesThe Bible2 Timothy 3:16
For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse The BibleRomans 1:20