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BiblePay wants to bear Christian Fruit!
We are encouraging our users to learn how to be kickstarted and head out to the streets and pray for people with Health Afflictions!

We are currently seeking to integrate with The Last Reformation (Torben Sondergaard). We are in the first phase of this endeavor (Rob has reached out to Torben and received a reply) and now we are waiting for details.

To get started, we should use The Last Reformation's model as our guide to raise up Christian Healers!

Visit The Last Reformation's Web Site

First, visit TLR's website, and read about their method of "kickstarting" a believer.
Kickstarting is the process of showing you what steps need to be taken to equip you in having the confidence to go out (with another believer) on the streets, approach someone that may need prayer, ask for permission to pray for them and actually pray for their afflication.
Read more about kickstarting here.

Spreading the Gospel
Next, read about TLR's vision of the gospel (which is aligned with the absolute literal bible) and what taught here.

TLR's full movies are free
See TLR's web site here. They also have more than one full production movie available.

Miracles in the City
I recommend watching some of TLR's "miracles in" city name on Youtube also, this gives an idea of what you will do when you go out on the street (how to specifically pray for healing).
For example, Miracles in Poland.

The Pioneer School

Next, you will want to see Torben's videos from the Pioneer school. This will get you in alignment with TLR's method and ensure that you agree with their vision of the Gospel:
Pioneer School Lesson 1.

Ready, Set Go! Once you have gone out with a Christian friend, and have been kickstarted, you will want to do this on a regular basis. If you are like me, once you see miracles, this activity will be very rewarding! It truly is life changing for the recipient and for the believer.
Each time you go out, make a diary entry in your notepad. When you come back to your home PC, you can enter this summary in BiblePay, by clicking : Send Money, check the Diary Entry checkbox, then type the summary of what you did into BiblePay.

For example:

We went to WalMart Friday night, prayed for John Doe's ribs.  They were at pain level 7 from a car accident.  After praying 5 times, he said the pain was completely gone, praise Jesus!