September 2020 Upgrade

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Upgrading to

The mandatory upgrade cutover height is 217,000 (meaning you will fork if you upgrade afterwards). If you do upgrade afterwards, please restart the wallet with -erasechain=1.

POOS (Proof-of-orphan-Sponsorship)

The POOS system requires each of our sanctuaries to sponsor one cameroon-one orphan in order to be paid Biblepay rewards. We have partnered with Cameroon so that we can ensure security, biographies, and scalability (ability to add new children as we grow). Also, each sanctuary is guaranteed to sponsor an equivalent cost per month (one orphan in Cameroon), making it fair to receive BiblePay rewards.

Each individual BiblePay sanctuary is tied to one distinct cameroon-one orphan, that is sponsored ONCE. The sanctuary public key is given to cameroon-one, they provide the orphan biography, and they will save your orphan biography under your public key file. The rest of the world can see this public key biography from our sanctuaries list. Security is established by tying the Sanctuary public key to the orphan biography and accessing it from the cameroon-one domain in our POOS verification system (performed by the sanctuaries).

To Establish, cancel or pay for an orphan, please reach out to Cameroon-One:

As a user, you can see each Sanctuary orphan biography by navigating to: Sanctuaries, and you can right click on an orphan and click Navigate to Biography.

POOS Banning and POSE Banning

POOS Banning = Proof of Orphan Sponsorship Banning
POSE Banning = Proof of Service Banning

The way POOS banning works is when a sanctuary is not in good standing, due to not paying their sponsorship fees at Cameroon-One, this will cause their POOS-ban score to increase.

Breakdown of POOS ban score (From Sanctuaries UI):

1-99 = Sanctuary is being POSE banned at the moment

Sanctuaries who have a 0-99 score are paid as normal deterministic sanctuaries. Sanctuaries who are banned are not paid.

You may type 'exec revivesanc' to revive a POSE or POOS banned sanctuary. However realize a sanctuary that is POOS banned will not revive until the payment is made.

Each HTML orphan biography from the View biography action has a STATUS row. A status of OK means the biography is in good standing. The status may also be in other states for Not in good standing, such as UNPAID.

Automatic Price Mooning

APM means that we as a collective community have a common interest in a rising exchange price.

When our exchange price (assessed at the GSC height daily) drops day over day (or stays the same), the BiblePay network goes into money-saving mode. Meaning that we do not pay normal mining emissions or sanctuary emissions for the next 24 hours. The block subsidy becomes 7 (split between the miner and the sanctuary).

However, if our exchange price Rises day over day, then the emissions are paid as usual Full emissions.

This APM environment encourages all in the community both miners and investors to buy our coins to move us up a minimum of 1 sub-satoshi daily for emissions to occur, otherwise emissions do not actually occur. (PODC Emissions are not affected by APM).

Dynamic Whale Staking

You can now add a Dynamic Whale Stake from the UI. Simply click Send Money, and check the DWS checkbox. Then, type in an amount you would like to burn. The wallet will provide a quote for a 90 day DWS tx. You may accept or reject.

BiblePay Side Chain (BBP Unchained)

The sidechain stores the metadata for documents that are stored in BiblePay. To see the sidechain height, click Tools | Info.

To learn about Unchained and how you can upload or download a document:

LLMQ Instant-Send (10 second transactions)

At height 220,000 we anticipate testing 10 second confirms, and re-enabling chainlocks.

Accessing UTXO info

You can now right click from Coin-Control and copy a UTXO to the clipboard. This is useful for dash-staking.

Increased Sanctuary Budget

In this release, the sanctuaries receive a higher reward, since they are now paying for the orphans. This budget originates from our original monthly superblock charity budget. In this release, we remove our charity budget from governance and pay it to the sanctuaries.

Coin-Age Voting

Coin Age voting is a BBP feature that allows community members to vote on proposals without owning a sanctuary.

This gives our sanctuaries an idea of what the popular vote is.

It also allows anyone to enter a proposal and get feedback on the proposal from the entire community (good to replace forum polls).

To use this feature, go to Proposals, right click on the proposal, and click Vote With Coin Age. The wallet will send a Coin-Age stake out to yourself with 50% of your coin-age for the vote. Note that we count both the distinct voters, and the sum of the coin-age voted on each proposal. NOTE: This action will use up half of your CPK's coin-age for the day.

To view the results see the add'l columns in the Proposals grid view.

Dash Staking

We are offering our users the ability to stake DASH+BIBLEPAY to receive staking rewards.

More info will be provided soon.