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Is it foolish to bend the knee?

I'm writing this because I want you to know the difference between a successful country under God, and a country that is a haunt of Jackals.

Repentance is the key to God's mercy. He loves each one of us by default, but, he is a Holy and Just God that judges sin. Since God is Holy, he cannot turn a blind eye to rampant sin.

However, if a person repents for their sins, and intercedes for their country, God is quick to forgive.

This comes down to the viewpoint of each individual. Do you feel that bending the knee to God, and telling him you are sorry of your past behavior and that you want to turn from it is foolish? Do you feel you are talking to thin air (like a lunatic)? Or are you too proud to do this, because it gives you a feeling of defeat?

Let's tackle defeat. You have to come to the conclusion that you need a savior. The question is: Are you certain that when you die you will be buried and the soul will not move on to hell? (No one without God can be certain of that, but the bible says the soul lives on eternally, and those that reject Jesus go to Hell). This means you do need a savior. (You cannot do this by yourself). So we must come to the conclusion, we are at the mercy of God because we are small (while God is not only the one who created the universe, but energy itself). Every breath is a gift from God. You are at the mercy of your heavenly creator, when you can't breathe, when you are sick and dying, and also after death when you find you are more awake than ever. The bottom line is, if you are small and can't change the number of hairs on your head, and at the mercy of God for water and breath, why would you believe you are too proud to repent? Let's look at this from the TRUTH viewpoint. (Truth always convinces me). If I can prove to you that God Almighty May have created all of this, and he hates pride and arrogance, then you should secede to bend the knee.

This message explains that it is repentance that aligns you with God again. To be a child of God, you must admit with a contrite heart that you are in need of a savior (you can't do this yourself), that you no longer want to be proud and or arrogant (you admit your previous lifestyle was sinful, and ask for Help from God by sending his Holy Spirit in to assist you), and that you have decided to repent and turn your ways from wickedness. If you will now bend the knee and confess your sins directly to Jesus, he is quick and loyal to forgive you.

If the supermajority repents, we will have an end-times revival form of salvation (just as Nineveh was spared because they repented from the King down to the Baby). On the other hand, if we do not repent, we will end like Sodom and Gomorrah (we will be a burned out mountain, and we will not recover).

However the good news is (regardless of the state of your nation), if you accept Jesus and do repent, you will be protected as stated in Psalm 91. Another idea that appears as Foolishness? No, God's mighty hand can protect your household even if it means you will be moved to a safe haven or even the wilderness, while tribulation starts. The point is you will be saved. And for those who perish in Christ, they will be with Jesus (to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord).

Why did I write all this? First of all I care about everyone's future. Secondly, I recently watched a prophets vision that stated that she could hear Jesus weeping for all those lost souls who choose not to repent. It made me feel like I need to convey the message that God is bound by his rules. He set up the standard first with the 10 commandments, then with Jesus concise commands, and the way to his heart is repentance. Repentance is a gift that is not respected until its gone. Believe me, if you trample on it and perish you will wish you had the ability to repent after its too late.

Please do not make the mistake of viewing the act of Repentance as Foolishness.