Red Sea Release

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All Glory to God.

God is responsible for the Architecture of BiblePay, and all Good things come down from our Heavenly Father: the great I AM (Yahweh).

Red Sea plans for a strong foundation:

- The Core Wallet (C++ BiblePayd and C++/QT Wallet) stays pristine so that we can integrate upstream commits and keep the wallet pure, clean, and secure.

 * Security means you can always count on the core wallet to provide a secure place (your keys, your balance) for your biblepay.
 * Security means our web site code will never maniuplate or read your wallet keys (except one key that we designate as your BBP-Unchained Key).
 * Pristine means that we will not pollute the core wallet with UI pages that will break in the future when upstream commits refactor the wallet.

- Unchained will move to the desktop.

 * This means that the cool features that we always wanted to put in the wallet (like the prayer room, BBP chat, Deliverance videoconference rooms, Social Media Timeline) will now be possible
   as they will live in our new Desktop Web Pages.
 * This opens up the exciting possibility for devs to contribute to make new UI pages without interfering with the c++ core wallet code
 * This means security will be improved in unchained because signing will occur on the desktop
 * This opens up the possibility for BBP to offer new collaboration apps (IE competition for Basecamp/Zoho)

- Unchained Web will lose some features:

 * Turnkey Sancs will be retired in favor of Decentralized Offline Sancs
   a.  If you fund a new sanc and keep it offline you will earn a 50% reward (this replaces portfolio builder and turnkey sancs)
   b.  If you fund a sanc and keep it online (along with BMS), you receive a 100% reward
 * Portfolio Builder will be retired in favor of decentralized Offline Sancs

- RandomX Mining to be retired:

 * RandomX pool mining is going to be retired in favor of Sanctuary Mining
 * Sanctuaries mine in a non competetive, deterministic way in the background (consuming low resources)
 * This increases the sanctuary reward
 * The sanctuary reward goes to both offline sancs and online sancs so we may reward both types of investors (offline sancs get half)

- Extra Large Sancs (Temple)

 * If you own 10 or more sancs, your node will automatically run an instance of Cockroach DB (A decentralized database).
 * This database is used to store our orphan collage, our expenses and our revenue
 * In this way we fully dencetralize biblepay 100% so that no party is responsible for any back-end database
 * This database also stores the metadata for bio images, the forum, timeline posts, etc.

- Decentralized Governance Voting improvements

 * It will be possible to vote on configuration changes (IE permission delegation)
 * This allows a responsible party to enter a historical accounting record or perform clerical duties

- BiblePay will have a nice API:

 * The core wallet will have a button on the menu that launches Desktop Unchained
 * Desktop Unchained will contain all of the Extra BBP UI
 * A back end Biblepay.DLL will be included in our releases which give developers the capability to interface with BBP
   (IE upload videos, download files, send money, receive money, etc)
 * Our biblepay DLL will eventually become a DLL on NuGet, opening up BBP to thousands of c# developers (Scheduled for Q4 2023)

- BiblePay moves away from Metamask/ERC-20 Signing Keys:

 * To make Unchained more accessible, we move away from Metamask so that we no longer require the plug-in
 * Unchained authenticates by using one Core wallet key (the Unchained Key)
 * You can fund your Unchained key by sending BBP to it
 * You can spend funds from your Unchained Key by spending it in the Desktop App (Desktop Features will be revealed during the Red Sea Release)
 * Because of this, all funds should be withdrawn from (Remove web wallet funds and remove Turnkey Sanctuaries).  You can leave Portfolio Builder balances as those live in the Core Wallet.

- True decentralized bandwidth is coming to the desktop:

 * Our video player pulls files in parallel from STORJ's 4000+ hard drives and does not use DNS.  Since it works in parallel it cannot be ddossed, and it uses IP rather than DNS for the addresses.
   If the individual Storj miners are up, our videos are up.  We no longer rely on cloudflare for DDOS/CDN.
 * Our video uploader will also upload in parallel directly to the STORJ network, and cannot be taken down from conventional DDOS.  If StorJ miners are up, we are up.
 * Our file attachments also work this way
 * Our decentralized balances work across our sancs, not against one public web host.
 * Our cockroach decentralized database is up even when some BBP sancs fail.  (Storage density is always 3* or more).
 * Our web server is truly decentralized.  Every BBP user will run their own server.
 * Our web pages will be PRIVATE.  Meaning that when you sign a transaction it will be done on your machine and not on the web hosts server!
 * Now we can offer the ability to write software that competes with Zoho (public collaboration software).  This could be a sustainable source of revenue for BBP in the future.
   Our software being decentralized will run each instance on the BBP desktop.