Praying for America

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Thank you God for this beautiful land, a land of Christian forefathers, a land blessed in power and majesty by Your Will, a strong arm and friend of Israel, a land of Christian people and Christian principles.

We repent God, for taking you out of the school system, for the abortions, for the LGBTQ movement, for we are core Christians. We are sorry the US is going down this path. We pray intercessory prayer now for those laws to change and for us to fully be guided by your principles again.

I know your anger was incensed when we lit the White House up with Rainbow colors. But please have mercy on us, Kind and Loving Creator, as your righteous people still dwell among these misguided lawmakers.

In your divine plan God, please spare us of judgement. I am confident you will protect us God, by putting us in your mighty hand and carrying us out of harms way.

Thank you God for creating the mountains, the plains and the breadbasket of America, for beautiful scenery and lands, for the air we breathe, for providing all of our infrastructure so all of us could be blessed with jobs, and for providing for everyone in this melting pot.

However some of us called Brothers practiced idolatry, by worshiping Mammom. We repent of this, God, and we open our hearts to your beautiful Gospel to fill us up, so now we turn, to worship the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob with full allegiance.

We acknowledge your hand is behind our success. We could not have achieved anything here without you first. Your blessing and generosity has made us successful, along with your wisdom, intelligence, guidance, divine plan, and fatherhood, and we acknowledge these are actually the things that made us successful.

We are deeply indebted and in love with your kindness and you. We are in love in you because you have integrity. We know you will never forsake us and truly love us.

We pray God for all the unholy and abominable things in America that go against your will to be removed or eradicated.

We pray that we become a Christian nation again, and for a Christian Revival here. We anticipate preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to save as many souls as possible.