Parallels of the Exodus

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Parallels of Exodus and the Current AgeBe Rapture Ready
Exodus No (Egypt, Cyrus, Babylon)EventChurch Age
Exodus I1. Waters Turn to Blood (Exodus 7:14) Waters turn to blood in Russia 9/2016, India 2/2019
Exodus I2. Frogs (Exodus 8:1) Unprecedented frogs invade in Addison VT, 7/2019 covering everything
Exodus I3. Lice (Exodus 8:16)
Exodus I4. Flies (Exodus 8:20)
Exodus I5. Plagues Or Livestock Diseases (Exodus 9:4) In the last decade, west nile, sars and zoonoses have increased, and Coronavirus 2020
Exodus I6. Boils (Exodus 9:8)
Exodus I7. Hail (Exodus 9:13) Perth 2010 and Mexico 2020
Exodus I8. Locusts (Exodus 10:14) African and Ethiopian Locust invasion eating all the crops
Exodus I9. Darkness (Exodus 10:21) (Ezekiel 34:11) Although no direct verse exists for the church age, many are having dreams of a period of 3 days when sins will be revealed and Christians will stay locked in their house. Also, Acts 2:20 predicts the sun will be turned to darkness. It is prophesied that if Yellowstone blows, the volcanic ash will darken the planet.
Exodus I10. Death of Firstborn Children (Exodus 11:1)It is prophesied in (Revelation 12:4) the beast will devour the child as soon as she gives birth (Antichrist will try to kill the newborn church at the point of rapture).
Exodus IPink Moon during PassoverIn 1307 BC, during passover, the moon was Pink, and the Moon is pink during passover of 2020. (Ref:
Exodus IFamilies shut in homesDuring Exodus passover, families were shut in homes while Angel of Death passed over. In 2020, families are shut in homes due to Coronavirus (on passover). The Coronavirus has crown-like spikes (A parallel to our new King inheriting the Messianic Kingdom).
Exodus IThe Children of Israel break free of bondage from EgyptiansIt is prophesied (Isaiah 43:5) the Jews will return to their homeland (break free from bondage in Modern day Babylon, the US, and Europe). The church will break free of bondage from Satan (the Rapture).
Exodus II (Cyrus/Babylon)(Ezra 1:2) Cyrus: The Lord, ... has appointed me to build a house (a new temple) for Him at Jerusalem in JudahTrump has already mentioned his willingness to help the Jews build the 3rd temple
Exodus II (Babylon)(Jeremiah 29:10): The Jews will break free from captivity after 70 years, after serving Babylon (Fulfilled in Ezra 1:1). The state of Israel was reformed 72 years ago (May 15, 1948). The Jews, after being gathered back to their homeland, will either be raptured if they choose Jesus, or enter into Jacobs trouble (a period of 7 year tribulation)
Exodus II (Babylon)(Ezekiel 21:26): It will certainly become no ones until he comes who has the legal right, and I must give it to him. God declares in 800BC or earlier that the last King will be Josiah, and the next King will be the Messiah.

Gods prediction is true; Israel only had a Babylonian (Gentile King), various Gentile Kings before the fall in 70AD, and 1900 years later, they have only had prime minsters. They are waiting for the Messiah to rule Jerusalem. Note that in 2020, Israel has failed to form a government three times! This is prophesied to be a sign of the coming Antichrist. (

Exodus II (Babylon)Jeremiah, a true prophet speaks Gods words to the Jews in captivity: After seventy years in Babylon, I will visit you and fulfill My good word regarding you and cause you to return to this place.It has been 72 years since the state of Israel was restored, and it is prophesied that the remaining Jews in Europe and the US will return to Israel. Coincidentally, at the end of the church age, we will see "the fulness of the Gentiles".
Exodus IAfter being freed from bondage, the Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years before reaching the promised land.At the harvest, a period of time will be spent in the tribulation, while the Antichrist is defeated. Then the church will inherit the Millenial Kingdom and the Kingdom of Heaven.
Exodus IAfter being freed from bondage, the entire Egyptian army was destroyed (chariots sunk in the red sea).At the harvest, Babylon (the US, Jeremiah 51:1) will be destroyed. This could be the harbinger that sends the remaining Jews back to Israel.
Exodus II (Babylon)God writes through Isaiah (Isaiah 44:28) that Cyrus will be raised up, to restore Israel after bondage, rebuild the temple. God is using Trump to declare Israel's sovereignity, rebuild the temple, set the captives free, and create the environment for a civil war that ushers in the end of the age. God created Trump before his birth, writing this mission in his book of life, and guiding Trump to fulfill all of these things.
Exodus II (Babylon)When Cyrus invaded Babylon in 539 BC, (Ezra 1:1) Babylon was taken in one night and Belshazzar killed. In the end, Babylon will be destroyed in one hour by fire. (Revelation 18:17)