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What is an Orphan NFT?

An Orphan NFT (Non Fungible Token) is an NFT representing an Orphan. Orphan NFTs are a natural extension to Non Fungible Token technology allowing an orphan to be sponsored for a certain duration. When an orphan is represented in an NFT, we guarantee that the orphan is not already sponsored by another user (see security), that the orphan is distinct (copies have not been made), the orphan is available for the time period and will be sponsored for the entire duration, and provides a very convenient way for a cryptocurrency user to sponsor an orphan and do a good thing for humanity.

What is the difference between a standard NFT and an orphan NFT?

We have a dedicated sponsorship area to sponsor Orphan NFTs that is different than the standard NFT marketplace. One, the Orphan is available for Sponsorship and not Purchase. Two, there is no Auctioning, but instead a set duration (time period) for the sponsorship. Finally when you sponsor an orphan, the orphan cannot be re-submitted back to the marketplace (the orphan is simply sponsored, and when the NFT duration elapses, the NFT is automatically deleted). Also, you will see certain security features on the BIO (see security). Finally orphans are always sponsored for a set duration and are not bidded on, and instead of Buy-It-Now we have a 'Sponsor Now' for a pre-determined amount and duration.

Orphan Sponsorship Area:


What security features are on the orphan biography?

Our vendors conform to the following security requirements: An orphan must be distinct, not sponsored, and available for the full duration. The biography of the orphan must contain the SHA256 NFT ID inside the bio, which refers to the SHA256 hash (this is the ID of the NFT available using the rpc command listnfts in the biblepay RPC).

To check the hash of an orphan bio, simply click "Preview" in the sponsorship area and copy the hash of the NFT to your clipboard, and compare this value to the "NFT ID:" inside the text of the orphan bio. If they match you know you can trust the company that issued the NFT.

Note that BiblePay admins will delete orphans from the sponsorship area that do not match.

Provide an end to end example to sponsor an orphan for 90 days

For example, you can browse "NFTOrphans" from this link https://foundation.biblepay.org/NFTOrphans and you may sponsor the listed orphan for 90 days by clicking "Sponsor Now". We have two ways of paying: Either deposit biblepay (BBP) into your foundation.biblepay.com account, or you can sponsor an orphan from the core wallet with "buynft nftid amount". Note that as of June 2021, we are also working on the Haven Of Refuge integration that may allow us to accept credit card purchases soon for any NFT.

How do I Add an Orphan NFT if I am an orphanage?

First, go into the biblepay core wallet and click NFT Add from the NFT menu.

Populate the NFT Name with the Childs Name.

Populate the Description with "Sponsor _______ for ___N___ days".

Calculate the price of the duration by typing this from the RPC: "getvalue monthly_rate" where monthly_rate is replaced with the monthly rate of the orphan.

For example, getvalue 40 will return the value in BBP for $40 USD. Then multiply this times the amount of months you are advertising.

Populate the Buy-it-now, Reserve Amount, and Minimum Bid amount with this value IN BIBLEPAY. Do Not use Fiat values here. All 3 should be the same for an orphan as orphans do not go to auction.

Create an orphan Biography for your orphan with all of the vital information as explained in our initial integration (such as photo, sex, age, situation etc).

Paste the bio of the orphan in Lo-Quality URL and in Hi-Quality URL.

Change the NFT type to "Orphan".

Click "Show in web marketplace" if the orphan is ready to be sponsored.

Click Submit NFT. Wait one block.

Then navigate your browser to https://foundation.biblepay.org/NFTOrphans

and view the orphan. Copy the NFT ID (sha 256 hash) of the orphan to your clipboard.

Modify the orphan BIO and add the following to the bio:

"NFT ID: " sha256hash-of-orphan.

Note that we require your NFT Bio to be hosted on YOUR domain for security purposes.

For example, people sponsoring Cameroon-One orphans will see the BIO is hosted on the 'cameroonone.org' domain so that full integrity and trustworthiness is maintained.