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BiblePay - Mandatory Upgrade - - March 2021

    Congratulations for upgrading to We have some exciting features to offer starting in this version:
  • UTXO Staking
  • Decentralized E-mails
  • Encrypted E-mails and Encrypted Chat (both chat to all and private messaging)
  • Decentralized Autonomous Charity
  • BiblePay University

  • Cutover Height: 255,000
  • Cutover Date: March 1, 2021


If you are an exchange, or if you are not interested in e-mail integration, you can disable our e-mail feature by enabling these two keys:



In order to use some of our new features, you must now have an RSA key (and a nickname), and this is entirely optional. We are committed to supporting an anonymous environment, so if you do not have an RSA key, the worst thing that can happen is you will not be pinged on an encrypted chat and you will not receive encrypted e-mails.

To set up your key, click on "User Record" from the top level menu. In the user record, we allow you to save your Nick Name and we will automatically create an RSA keypair for you during this step (you will see the public key on the screen). The other fields are optional, such as your longitude and latitude. These coordinates are intended to be used on our future tribulation map.

Once you have your user record saved and more than 3 blocks deep in the chain then you may proceed to test E-mails and chat.

Decentralized E-mails

BiblePay now has the capability to deliver chain delivered e-mails (originating from other biblepay users), and the biblepay network is used to transmit the data (not the internet). Therefore you can create an e-mail and store it on our network even if the recipient is offline, and they will receive the e-mail when they are online. There is a small fee for transmitting an e-mail (250 BBP per 10K).

To set up e-mail integration, you can use your favorite e-mail client such as Outlook. Or you can use mozilla thunderbird (a cross platform e-mail client). To set it up, create a new inbox and point your e-mail client to port 30110 for pop3 and 30025 for smtp. See this guide to set up e-mail.

BiblePay University

Our University is one of our most exciting features. This allows you to take college level theological courses for free, using the biblepay-core desktop client. You may open the course material by clicking on the course name, and a PDF will open allowing you to study.

Once you finish reading the course and complete the end of chapter exams, you will use the BiblePay client to take the final exams! Just click on the final exam link next to each course.

UTXO Mining

To earn stake rewards on your BBP, LTC, DOGE, DASH, or BTC you may stake what you already own inside BBP for regular daily rewards. We make it easy to do this with our pin-staking system. For more information see here.