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Haven of Refuge BiblePay Payment Solution

We are pleased to offer this solution to facilitate the distribution of funds from the Sr. Pastor to the Indian Church Leaders.

Sr. Pastor Procedure

We recommend the Sr. Pastor uses the full desktop pc wallet, simply because this wallet allows sending BiblePay out to multiple recipients using our batch job feature. If the Sr. Pastor uses the mobile version s/he will have to type each recipient individually and each amount manually.

  1. Download the PC version of the BiblePay desktop wallet from here (be sure to click a "Desktop" link such as windows 64-bit or Linux 64 bit for example): https://www.biblepay.org/wallet/
  2. Install and start the wallet. Verify that it is syncing by going to Tools | Information. Verify the block count reaches above 250,000 blocks.
  3. Contact the church leaders, and ask them to send you their BiblePay receive addresses. They can get this in the mobile wallet by clicking "Receive", and copy the address to the clipboard, paste it in an email and e-mail it to you. Once you have all of them, create a text file using Notepad on your PC, and paste each receive address in the file. Save the file as [c:\payments.csv].
  4. To manually send a payment to a leader, click "Send" then populate the Send to address with the leaders receive address. Populate the amount and click Send.
  5. To buy BiblePay to fund your Desktop wallet, navigate to :

Church Leader Procedure

We recommend the church leaders use the mobile biblepay wallet (unless they need a home PC version of the wallet):

  1. Download the Mobile BiblePay wallet for android or iphone here: https://www.biblepay.org/wallet/
  2. Launch the wallet and find the receive address. Send to the Sr. Pastor.
  3. To convert a BiblePay balance to Rupee, follow the Liquidation Procedure below.

Liquidation Procedure to convert BBP->Rupee

  1. If you do not have an account with SouthXChange create one first: https://main.southxchange.com/Market/Book/BBP/BTC
  2. Deposit your BIBLEPAY from the mobile wallet into southxchange first. From SX, please click "Wallets | BBP": Find the SX Exchange Receive address for BiblePay, and copy it, and populate it into your mobile bbp wallet as a new Send transaction. Send the balance over to southxchange from the biblepay mobile wallet by clicking Send | To Address | Send.
  3. Now after a certain number of blocks, the BiblePay is inside your SouthXChange account.
    • From SouthXChange, you first want to convert BBP to BTC:
    • https://main.southxchange.com/Market/Book/BBP/BTC
    • To do this enter a SELL order for the amount of BiblePay you have in your account, at the current market price. (You are selling BBP to receive BTC).
    • You can click the Market Price checkbox after you enter the "Amount", and click 'Sell BBP for BTC'.
    • At this point you should have a BTC balance.
  4. To move from BTC to Rupee we now need to send the BTC to an exchange that allows conversion to Rupee.
  5. Next you will want to withdraw the Rupee into your local bank account. Please see this page for further instructions:

Sr. Pastor Automatic Distribution Process

This optional step allows the Sr. Pastor to send out a mass payment to multiple church leaders in one transaction and makes it easy to repeat this process over and over when it is desired.

Please ensure your c:\payments.csv contains a list of BBP recipient addresses, then a comma, then the amount you would like to send.

Example file:

In this case, 3 payments will be sent to 3 recipients with the first being 7005.50, the next being 250.50, the last being 50000.

NOTE: The last column with the name is optional and simply provides a reference to the Sr. Pastor to know who the recipient is, but BiblePay does not read the third column.

To execute the payments batch job, the Sr. Pastor should click Tools | Console | sendpayments c:\payments.csv

Thank you for using BIBLEPAY!