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What are BiblePay Greeting Cards?

Greeting cards are one of BiblePay's Services, that allow physical delivery of a typed card directly to a person's home address. This allows you to give a warm personal touch from the heart (in contrast to an e-mail card). You can type a personalized note into the greeting card (up to two paragraphs), and specify the home delivery address. You can also choose different types of cards: Christmas, Easter, and Cats. We plan on adding more cards in the future and opensourcing the github repo so other contributors can easily add more card templates for our community.

You may also include a cryptocurrency amount (of BIBLEPAY) - called a virtual gift-card - inside the greeting card!

How do I make a greeting card

From QT, Click Miscellanous | Send Greeting Card. Populate the delivery address, the customized two paragraphs, and the card type.

If you want to include a Gift of BBP in the greeting card, then populate the "Virtual Gift Card Amount in USD" field (otherwise leave that field blank). Each card delivery is only $1, plus an extra charge for the BBP value of the optional gift-card amount. For example, to simply deliver a card with no gift, it is $1. To deliver a card with a $5 gift, it is $6. NOTE: Please type the amount in USD for the virtual gift card amount (it will be auto-converted to a BBP amount).

Format of the "CSV Send" - Batch Greeting Card feature

If you would like to send an entire batch of greeting cards (for example, Christmas time) you may populate a single greeting card (as a template). Don't worry about the physical address information.

Then create a CSV spreadsheet in the following format:

Name,Address Line 1,Address Line2,City,State,Zip

(Do not use a header row as row 1 is the first delivery address). If you have no Address line 2 info, be sure to include a comma for this field! Here is an example spreadsheet:

File sample.csv:
Rob Andrews,1234 Main St.,Ste 100,Aliquippa,PA,15001
Rob Kyte,1000 Peach St,,Aliquippa,PA,15001
Jane Doe,1001 Erwin St,,Aliquippa,PA,15001
Jon Doe,1002 Erwin St,Rear of Building,Aliquippa,PA,15001

Next, Click "CSV" Send. BiblePay will ask you to locate the file, using the file explorer. Click on the CSV file in your filesystem. Next, we will confirm the address info on screen for the first 5 deliveries.

Note, if you attach a virtual gift card in your CSV greeting card prototype, this gift amount will be sent to ALL recipients!

After this, your card template will be sent to all recipients automatically.

Thank you for using BiblePay Greeting Cards!