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BiblePay Economics:

Gross Block Breakdown:

  • Block Emission Level: Variable rate between 20000 and 5000, based on the network difficulty level (higher diff, lower block subsidy), deflating at 19.5% per year
  • 20% is escrowed for governance for expenses paid via our sanctuary voted budget - emitted as one monthly superblock (10% for charity, 5% IT, 2.5% P2P, 2.5% PR)
  • 30% is escrowed for Daily Portfolio Builder Rewards (UTXO Staking)
  • 25% is given to the next due Sanctuary
  • 25% is allocated to Proof-Of-Work (RandomX Mining)

Gross breakdown of Governance Budget:

  • Charity and Recurring Orphanage expenses (, Cameroon One, Kairos, etc): 50%
  • IT Expenses and Payroll: 25%
  • PR and Campaigns: 12.5%
  • Peer-to-Peer (Letter writing, gospel links, pay to preach): 12.5%

Gross breakdown of mining operations:

  • 50% is given to RandomX (POW)
  • 50% is given to Sanctuary


The deflation rate of our emission is 1.5% Per Month, or 19.5% per year compounded.

See BiblePay Emission Schedule for more details.