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A Change of HeartTransitioning from a non-beliver to a believer
Hard things to believe as a non-believerReason that it can't beReason that it is true
You were bought for a price, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 6:20 and should not be defiledIt must be conceptual, as we evolved from Monkeys, and My body is MINE and I can do what I want with it But we were created in the Holy image of God, and dedicated to his usefulness, and by his energy our body runs and is maintained
We were created to glorify God and spread the Gospel (Mark 16:15)As long as I am good in relative terms to others, God will understand that I'm busy and too cowardly to spread the Gospel We are not to be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus, nor fail to educate our fellow man about Hell, as their blood could be on our hands
How could life be eternal, if scientifically we die and are buried 6 feet underBut there is no evidence of a person passing to heaven, it could be a dream until brain activity stops. Through God pouring out his spirit through dreams, visions, and NDEs, Gods power and godhead are evident, and a physical Hell and Heaven do exist, with collaborating details of both places in rapture dreams and Christian testimonies such as Mary K Baxter and Bill Weis on youtube.
Only one scientific dimension exists, EarthSince I observe a plane of existence through the scientific model, I don't believe in miracles or Angels or feats of the BibleThrough Christian collaboration, a second heaven, a third heaven, and Hell physically exist, and in these dimensions we have matter that does not adhere to the same model of space and time. Colors are brighter, glorified bodies exist, time does not elapse in the same way, properties and elements are translucent, people speak telepathically, people may do more than one thing at a time, etc.
Darwinism says I evolved from a monkey and not created by GodScience needs to explain evolution, and therefore people who are scientific latch on to this for business. God created us in the womb before we were born, and only an intelligent designer can transmit a language system (DNA), source code and manufacturing plant into the first prototype (bacteria) proving that its manufacturing and replication systems existed before it evolved. No complex language has ever originated from anything but a living mind. One other flaw in darwinism is the hopeful monsters don't exist (these are failed mutations with an archaeological history).
The big bang says we had time to evolve to monkeysIf we had 3 billion years we had time to evolveBig Bang theory relies on quite fragile assumptions: Isotropy, superclusters, lack of antimatter, dark matter and dark energy-ratio, cosmological constant, expansion rate of the universe and the Robertson Walker cosmological model. None of this explains what created the bang, we still need God. God on the other hand, is a love story of 6000 years, who carefully created you for the purpose of growing into a soul that rebukes evil, has a propensity to do good, and be useful to God in his Millenial Kingdom.
The bible is written by man, therefore it's flawedSince this is just another book, why would I turn to it for advice. After all we make mistakes. The bible was dictated to human scribes through visions and dreams and other methods. With enough hours of study, it becomes apparent the bible is of divine origin. For example, the hierarchy in Genesis of the lineage of King David, the Psalms, and the prophecies foretold before events took place. Additionally, the Holy Spirit was present when the bible chapters were translated. Read about translating the KJV bible. Once it is accepted that the Holy word of God is unadulterated, it becomes clear it is the literal advice for our lives in all ways.
Early man between Genesis and Noah lived to 1000 years oldIt clearly shows the bible makes errors, because we can't live past 120.Genesis states that Nephilim came down before the great flood of Noah, and polluted the genes of humans (with genes of fallen angels). We had giants (men looked like grasshoppers) and men who lived to 1000 (the men of renown). It is clear that in the heavenly realm God has other types of Angels with attributes we do not understand, and therefore, there was a physical change when God said "their normal lifespan will be no more than 120" Genesis 6:3
How could Jonah be swallowed by the great fish and be alive after 3 days?Its clear that people who believe this are morons.Anything is possible with God, and by God's love he used his great fish (he could have created the large whale just for this purpose), to swallow Jonah and give him time to repent. The creator of the universe can do all things.
It must be symbolic to believe Jesus can feed 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishYou Christians like to believe in prosperity and magic.Anything is possible with God. Remember in 1 Kings 17:16 when the flour was not exhausted for Elijah in the Widow of Zarephath's house? In the same way, Jesus allowed the food to be multiplied, glorifying the house of God.
Samson killed 1000 with the jawbone of a donkeyIf I am to believe this you have gone so far as to insult my intelligence.Remember with God, if he is in a position to set a precedent, his will be done. In the case of Samson, God willed that the Philistines would be destroyed and he used Samson for this purpose.
How could Jesus be born to a virgin?Being born to a virgin is a symbolic representation that Jesus was not born to a harlot, but how could Jesus could be born only of the DNA of a woman and of divine origin.Some DNA samples have shown evidence that Jesus DNA is missing the Y chromosome (no biological father). But more importantly we believe through faith that Jesus is the son of God, came in the flesh, and was crucified and died and was raised on the third day. Therefore he was born of miraculous conception: The angel visited Mary and explained to her the power of the Holy Spirit will overshadow you and you will give birth to Jesus.