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I am an investor and I'm concerned that your community might be too centralized. Could you explain more about your structure and what would happen if the Founder dies tomorrow?

The aftermath of BiblePay in a Post Founder World


We have 36 sanctuaries that sponsor orphans. If the founder leaves the project, it would actually create a very active investment opportunity (simply because the Founder's sanctuaries would not get paid, and financially would be very lucrative for new ones to come in). Think of 200% ROI, this ROI would quickly fill the void. Also, Cameroon-One makes enough revenue to weather a transition through biblepay orphans to new biblepay orphans. This aspect is POSITIVE if the founder dies.

Exchange Price:

If the founder dies, there would be coins locked in his wallet that cannot be spent; this is positive for the price.


The rest of the development team would take over.

Github Releases:

Other key devs may still create github releases.

Block Explorer:

Our block explorer is run by chainz. No changes necessary.

Locked up funds:

The Founder only controls a tiny fraction of BBP in the Foundation wallet which cycles between zero and small amount due to charity donations. All contributions from the core wallet to orphan charity actually go directly to a transparent community funded project.


Our NFTs are bought and sold in the BMS marketplace. The owner of an NFT actually owns the NFT.


The founder controls, and that could possibly go down. But BiblePay Community is also on bitcointalk, telegram, and discord, giving us complete continuity in this area.

Mobile Wallet:

MIP holds the keys to deploy the mobile wallet. If either of us dies, another user can branch the repository.

Orphan Sponsorship through Cameroon-One:

Cameroon-One is not associated with our founder. We as a community choose our orphanages through sanctuary voting. We have been staying Cameroon because they said Yes to technical integrations, such as querying orphan balances and POOS, and we have open sponsorships with 35 children currently.


Our emission schedule is location here:

We did not have a premine, we did not have an ICO. All blockchain emissions from inception have been earned through Mining, Hosting a Sanctuary, or buying on an exchange.

We will never change the schedule, or the block time parameters.

We are committed to providing a high quality Christian blockchain service with integrity.

BiblePay has never stolen, or failed to pay orphan expenses or misrepresented any expense in our accounting records.

The code has been hardened over time to eliminate any known attack vectors. Our chain has not been compromised, has not been hacked, or materially stolen from (other than a pool that had a break-in incident), but those have been recovered and have nothing to do with our block security). The security is based on: POW Mining (RandomX), and Chainlocks.

NOTE: It is not possible for any sanctuary, or spork or the founder to cause emissions to change.

Know that Rob A. is God Fearing, and we are held by the integrity that Jesus guides us in within this community.


Based on these facts, my assessment is nothing bad would happen during a transition of power. The exchange would keep trading. Our dev team would find another developer to decentralize github releases and regain status quo. Less coins would be available, therefore the price might rise. The development efforts might increase or slow down depending on the replacement dev(s).

Our Sanctuaries would continue voting on new charities. They might bring back, or increase their expenditures with cameroon-one.

The forum may change hands.

The block explorers would still work. The blocks would still mine through Fun, and our community would look to open more pools. Besides, our wallet has solo mining which would keep the chain moving.

If the sanctuaries fail to vote on the daily contract, the RX mining would still continue, meaning the chain would not go down.

God bless you!