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How to Create a BiblePay E-Mail Account

From Unchained desktop, navigate to E-Mail | E-Mail Maintenance.

Specify the E-Mail username you would like to use, without the suffix.

Click Submit.

Note that you must have at least 1000 BBP in your unchained wallet.

Once provisioned, you will immediately see the e-mail client settings that are used to set up the home e-mail client. Now you can set up your home e-mail client (IE Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird) or your iPhone etc (See below).

The password for your e-mail account is the private key of your Unchained wallet address (to get the password, type 'dumpprivkey unchained_pub_key' from the command line of the wallet).

How to Set Up BiblePay E-Mail with Thunderbird

From Thunderbird, click on Tools | Account Settings.

Populate the Account Name and the "Your Name" to be your preferred human readable account names.

Populate E-Mail address to be your new UserName +

Click Server Settings - Here is where you populate the IMAP settings:

Populate Server Type = IMAP

Server Name =

User Name = Your BBP username

Port = 993

Security = SSL/TLS

Auth Method = Normal

Click Outgoing Server - this is where you set the SMTP settings:

Click Add

Server Name =

User Name = Your BBP username

Port = 465

Security = SSL/TLS

Auth Method = Normal

How to Setup BiblePay E-Mail with Outlook