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What is BBP Drive?

BBP Drive is a windows program that mounts a drive letter on your PC, allowing you to store files in that drive.

How do I install BBP Drive?

To install BBP drive navigate here:

First install Dokan_x64.msi. This is a one time requirement (Dokan is a program that facilitates drive mounting for developers).

Then install BBPDriveInstallerProject.msi.

Launch the program.

During the first run, we ask you for your API key. Paste the key in once, press <enter>. After this you will not be prompted.

When the program is running, you will have an N:\ drive to use.

How do I obtain the API key?

Navigate to | Unchained. From unchained, click Wallet from the left menu. Ensure you have more than 5000 bbp in your wallet, if not fund your public address first. Next, click Generate API Key. You can copy that key to be used with BBP drive.

How much does storage cost?

It's extremely cheap.

Are my files public?

In this first version of BBP Drive, all files are public and non-encrypted, so please, do not store anything in the drive that you do not want exposed on the internet. By popular request, we will consider making an encrypted version of BBP Drive.

Use Case

One example is dumping a photo album on BBP Drive. To view the files from the public internet, copy the URL found when you launch BBP drive, paste it in a browser, and append the filename behind the URL.