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How do I get my new telephone (hardware)?

Our plan is to support multiple phone models.

Our first entry level phone can be purchased on Amazon here:

Once you have the phone, unpack it, plug a cat5 network cable from the phone to your LAN jack and turn it on.

Verify it boots up and obtains an IP address. It will display its IP address on the screen.

How do I provision the phone for the BBP network?

Navigate a web browser from your home PC to the IP address on the phone.

For example, if the IP is, then go to this web address:

Once there, it will ask you the username and password. Enter admin for the username Enter admin for the password

To provision the phone, open the unchained application by clicking on Unchained from the BiblePay Core wallet.

This will open the Unchained app. In that app, click Phone | Hardware Settings.

You can now find the answers to each of the provision questions by filling in the values presented on the screen.

You must have more than 10,000 BBP in your phone account to provision your phone (there is no cost associated with this).

Once you populate the answers into the phone (by filling each of the grid value answers), your phone will move to Registered and display your name.

Now you can make calls. You can also take your phone with you on vacation, and your phone number will stay with you and you can make calls from any internet jack.