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We offer dual-hash mining with rewards in both BBP + XMR. This is slightly different than merged mining, in that BBP's blocks are now solved with an equation that prevents pre-image attacks (http://wiki.biblepay.org/Preventing_Preimage_Attacks).

In theory, you will receive approximately 190% more revenue for mining (more specifically, 90% in XMR rewards, and 100% of your hashpower in BBP rewards), while still contributing 10% to orphan charity.

Each RandomX hash has a full 100% chance of solving a BBP block (or a pool share), while each RandomX hash still has an equal chance of solving an XMR share.

1. Install Monero Wallet

a. https://mymonero.com/

b. Setup seed words and pin

c. Create receiving address (YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS)

2. Install BiblePay Wallet

a. https://www.biblepay.org/wallet/

b. Create receiving address (YOUR_BIBLEPAY_ADDRESS)

File >>> Receiving Address >>> New >>> Ok >>> Right Click >>> Copy Address

or Tools >>> Debug Console >>> Type command: getnewaddress "" >>> Click Enter

3. Download XMRig zip

Windows (64-bit): https://github.com/biblepay/xmrig/raw/master/binaries/bbprig.zip

Linux (64-bit): https://github.com/biblepay/xmrig/raw/master/binaries/xmrig-bbp-linux64

Mac: http://www.biblepay.org/xmrig_mac.zip

Source: https://github.com/biblepay/xmrig

a. Create Folder (Example: C:\mining)

b. Copy .zip to new folder and Unzip it

c. Should see a script (batch) file and an executable rig file

4. Edit the script (.bat) file


 ./xmrig-bbp-win64.exe -o foundation.biblepay.org:3001 -u=YOUR_BIBLEPAY_ADDRESS -p=YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS --threads 4


 ./xmrig -o foundation.biblepay.org:3001 -u=YOUR_BIBLEPAY_ADDRESS -p=YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS --threads 4

NOTE: Change number of threads to what works best for your machine

OPTIONAL: Can add .YOUR_WORKER_NAME to end of YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS, it adds your cpu information per worker to xmrig

 ./xmrig -o foundation.biblepay.org:3001 -u=YOUR_BIBLEPAY_ADDRESS -p=YOUR_MONERO_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME --threads 4

5. Pools


Pool Source Code


6. Giveaway


7. Mining Profit Calculator


What is RandomX?


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