Economic Changes Dec 2019

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Gross Block Breakdown as of January 2020:

20% escrowed for governance (10% to new exchange fund payoff, 5% IT, 5% misc)

38% for GSC:

   GSC Suballocations:
   30-35% for POOM-Cameroon One + POOM-Kairos (this is 10% of our monthly emission for charity)
   5% for Healing
   60-65% for PODC

35% Sanctuary

7% POBH - Heat Mining

NOTE: Once the new exchange fund is paid off, we will lower the 20% escrow for governance and raise the GSC & PODC reward! (As long as POOM satisfies our decentralized orphan sponsorship requirements). Otherwise we regroup. If the exchange fund is paid off between mandatory upgrades, we can certainly escrow the difference for our next exchange fund.