The Four Temples

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    The Temples in Jerusalem
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    The first Temple was built in 957 BC by King Solomon. The temple was destroyed in 586 BC by the Babylonians (it lasted just under 300 years).
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    The second Temple was built in 538 BC (after the fall of the Babylonian empire), authorized by Cyrus the Great, completed 23 years later during the reign of Darius the Great (March 515 BC).

    This temple lasted until 70 AD.

    This is the temple that Jesus visited, and drove out the money changers (~27 AD).

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    The Third Temple - Not built Yet: Note that the Temple Institute in Jerusalem already have Blueprints drawn to rebuild the temple (the year is now 2018).

    The plans are based on the original Second Temple plans.

    Note that (The Temple Institutes) view on Ezekiels Temple, agreeing with the bible, is that Ezekiels Temple will be lowered from Heaven in the Future (Our Christian view is that Jesus will build this temple, lower it from Heaven and rule from it during his 1000 year Millenial Reign - the period with Satan being bound) The Future Temple - The Temple Institute

    Note that right now, plans are being finalized at the Temple institute for the third temple based on the architecture of the Second Temple, and this fulfills bible verses, (Matthew 24:15) The abomination of desolation standing in the most holy place, (Daniel 9:27) He will confirm a convenant with many for one seven; he will stop the sacrifices. (Daniel 12:11) From the time the daily sacrifice is stopped and the abomination of desolation is set up, there will be 1290 days.

    These verses allude to the third temple being built so that a peace convenant with many is signed, and the antichrist can be revealed. When all 70 countries surround Israel, a world war will break out, and this temple will be destroyed in the midst of all the fighting (every country wants Jerusalem). When Jesus returns, he will destroy and bind Satan.

    This brings up the point, that if the purpose of the temple is to worship and to conduct blood sacrifices, and Jesus, being our ultimate sacrifice already died for our sins, why would the current Israelites consider animal sacrifices in the current day and age? Partially, consider that 80% of the Israelite Jews are non-Christian (they are pure Judaic).

    Does the current Rabbi, involved in executing the animal sacrifices for the Temple Institute plan on conducting actual animal sacrifices, and what is his view? According to Rabbi Rav Kook, the current Rabbi responsible, the temple institute will go back to all of its historical practices of the second temple, that includes animal sacrifices. See here.

    Why is blood sacrifice required for the atonement of sins? See more here on the reason for Blood Sacrifice.

    To summarize this situtation, we have the Israelites, a predominantly Judaic group of Non-Christians, desiring the temple to be rebuilt, and approving animal sacrifices. In one sense, it is a slap in the face to Jesus, as he was the ultimate sacrifice and performed everything necessary for our salvation as sinners. However, it is also Bible Prophecy unfolding that requires this temple to be built in order to usher in the great falling away, the abomination, the peace covenant with many and the great tribulation. It also sets the stage correctly for Jesus to come and expose the shameful behavior of those who did not believe in him, allow him to destroy the antichrist and the temple, and bring forth the majestic Fourth temple.

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    The Fourth Temple - The Millenial Temple

    Note that in the book of Ezekiel, (Ez 40-48), Ezekiel lays out the plans from God to build a future temple, but this temple is so majestic, it requires certain geographic changes in Israel (Mt of Olives needs to be bigger and flatter, the temple takes up the entire city of Jerusalem, etc).

    The Bible explains that Ezekiels vision describes the temple during the Millenial Reign. (More about Ezekiels Temple here.)

    After the birds eat the flesh of mighty men and Kings, and the bodies are buried, the fourth temple will be lowered from heaven, and the Millenial Reign will be ushered in for our King of Kings: Jesus Christ.

    (Isaiah 11:6) And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, and leopard will lie down with the young goat...