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Proof-Of-Distributed-Computing 2.0 (BiblePay)


PODC allows blockchain energy to be used productively, to help cure cancer and fight AIDS and Malaria, in contrast to being wasted on hashing only.

PODC works by allocating most of BiblePay's computing resources toward BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computer Grid) World Community Grid projects. You may earn BBP rewards by using your computer time!
We do this by rewarding the lion's share of our blockchain emissions to WCG Researchers. By limiting the amount we spend on Proof-of-bible-hash (heat mining) to about 7%, we place the impetus on expanding our humanitarian computing grid, for the benefit of humanity.

How to Link a Researcher to BiblePay
First, you will want to link your World Community Grid (WCG) Researcher Account to your Biblepay Core wallet.
So please, we need to gather three things from you as a researcher first! Please log into your WCG account at:
From the home page - click on "Settings" in the top right corner. Then click "My Profile" from the left menu.
Please find your Username, and copy that value down, then, find your "Verification Code" and copy that value down, and finally, copy your "Cross-Project-ID" value down (as this is what you will see in BiblePay in the leaderboard for your username).
Next, head to the BiblePay core wallet RPC (Click Tools | Console). Type the following command:

    exec associate wcg_username wcg_verification_code                    [ENTER]

This will allow you to associate your account. If the command is successful, it will return your estimated RAC level and the CPID (Cross-Project-ID).
Note: Please wait for at least 3 blocks to pass before performing the commands below, as you must be fully associated before you can query RAC below- etc.

How do I verify my wallet's association, and my RAC Level each day

First, we provide a text method from the RPC that gives you most critical information:
From the RPC console type:

    exec rac 

Once you are fully associated, this command emits the RAC, points, nickname, and link status.
If something is wrong, for example if you are not linked, or if an error is occurring in GDPR/DSQL, this command will also debug the problem and provide a solution.
Once you start receiving rewards, you may also head to the Leaderboard from QT. Click "Leaderboard" from the left menu in QT.