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Install Wallet

1. Download Executable

Windows 32 bit: https://biblepay.org/biblepayevo32.exe

Windows 64 bit: https://biblepay.org/biblepayevo64.exe

2. Double Click / Run .exe file and step through Install process

3. Run BiblePay Core

4. Wait for the Wallet to sync with the network

Solo or Pool Mine?

Why use a Pool?
As the network hash rises (as more miners are mining), it can take longer and longer to solve a block,
by using the pool, everyone works together with all of their hash power to solve blocks,
and the reward gets split between everyone who contributed based on how much they contributed in hash.

With solo mining (not using the pool) it may take weeks to finally solve a block and get a large full block reward, with a pool you can get small frequent rewards

Large Spaced out rewards #Solo_Mining
Small Daily rewards #Pool_Mining

NOTE: Pool mining requires using the external miner

NOTE 2: Pool operators typically charge a fee for their use, a small cut of rewards, to pay for operations/maintenance

Pool Mining

Create BiblePay Receiving Address

1. Inside Wallet >>> click "File" menu in top left >>> Receiving Addresses >>> New >>> Label: NOMP >>> OK >>> Right Click >>> Copy Address (RECEIVING_ADDRESS)

Install and Run External Miner

1. Download 64 (x86) bit .exe from https://github.com/biblepay/cpuminer/tree/master/binaries

2. Find the .exe file in File Explorer >>> Search box >>> Open Downloads Folder

3. In address bar type: "cmd", this will open a command prompt window

4. Enter the below command with your wallet address from above:

 bbpminer-x86 -o stratum+tcp://nomp.biblepay.org:3032 -u RECEIVING_ADDRESS -p x -t 2

You are now mining!

5. Change the number of threads to fit your computer, -t 2 only uses 2 threads

6. Choose the pool you want to use: https://miningpoolstats.stream/biblepay

Rob's Pool: http://nomp.biblepay.org/

 bbpminer-x86 -o stratum+tcp://nomp.biblepay.org:3032 -u RECEIVING_ADDRESS -p x -t 2

Sun's Pool: http://sunpool.whitewalr.us/

 bbpminer-x86 -o stratum+tcp://sunpool.whitewalr.us:3032 -u RECEIVING_ADDRESS -p x -t 2

7. See all External Miner Options (Help)

 bbpminer-x86 --help

Solo Mining

1. In BiblePay Wallet >>> click "Tools" menu >>> "Open Wallet Configuration File"

2. Add text lines and Save file


3. Restart BiblePay Wallet to apply the config settings

 gen - turns mining on by default
 genproclimit - sets number of threads to use for mining
 minersleep - by default the miner sleeps for 325ms every 1000ms

Change the number of threads to fit your computer

4. In BiblePay Wallet >> "Tools" >> "Debug Console" >> Type "getmininginfo" >> Enter

Check that your hashps is above 0 to confirm that mining is running

5. Increase or Decrease threads temporarily

Use command "setgenerate true X" to change number of threads
(doesn't change config file, threads reset to value of "genproclimit" after wallet restarts)

Use command "help" to see all BiblePay commands