Nutrition Information

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BiblePay Nutritional Information GuideHelping over 75 Orphans Globally
DescriptionFeature Available NowReleased in (June 2020)Comparison to #25, DogeCoinAvailable in December, 2021Available in the Future
Anti GPU, Anti-ASIC, Anti Mining Monopoly (Sanctuary Video Mining prevents this)XXNo
Data Storage (We can store keys, values, prayers, campaigns, points, and more) X X No
Security (ChainLocks) - (Prevents 51% attacks and forks)  X No
Social.BiblePay.Org Prayers X X No Bible Reader X X No
Turnkey Sanctuaries (see X X No
Mobile Wallet for sending/receiving (iPhone, Android)X X X
Bearing Real Fruit (Sharing Gospel, and Tithing)   X No
Bitcoin/DASH most modern Security commits   X X
Deterministic Sanctuaries  X No
Future Proof Codebase (Following Dash Prod Commits)  X X
Deflationary Emission schedule (-19.5% per year compounded)X X X
Benefiting charities in a decentralized wayX X No
Generation II UI Design (Sleek modern menus and modern theme) X X X
Governance, Sanctuary Voting, Expenses, Superblocks X X No
Corporate Integration Features and C#    No X
Fulfilling James 1:27 X X No