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<tr><td>Turnkey/Oneclick Sanctuaries <td>X<td> X <td>No <td><td></tr>
<tr><td>Turnkey/Oneclick Sanctuaries <td>X<td> X <td>No <td><td></tr>
<tr><td>In wallet proposal view/add <td>X<td> X <td>No <td><td></tr>
<tr><td>In wallet proposal view/add <td>X<td> X <td>No <td><td></tr>
<tr><td>Orphans are more important than Doggies<td>X<td> X <td>No <td><td></tr>
<tr><td>Fulfilling James 1:27 <td>X<td> X <td>No <td><td></tr>

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BiblePay Nutritional Information GuideHelping over 87 Orphans Globally and supporting Hope For Widows
DescriptionFeature Available NowReleased in Evolution (June 2019)Comparison to #25, DogeCoinAvailable in December, 2019Available in the Future
Anti GPU (AES512, BibleHashing, Limited nonces)XXNo
Anti GPU phase 2 (Signed CPKs with ABN weight)  XNo
Commodity PC Mining (POBH)XXNo
Full Nodes required to mine X X No
Anti-Botnet   X No
Data Storage (We can store keys, values, prayers, campaigns, points, and more) X X No
Daily Generic Smart Contracts   X No
Multiple Campaign support for users (POG, Healing)   X No
Soft Consensus Business Logic  X No
Security (POW, POBH, DGW) X X X
51% Attack Prevention (ChainLocks)   X No
Anti-Fork technology (POW + Dash ChainLocks)  X No
Reliable Prod Environment (Limited hard consensus changes GSC environment)   X X
In-Wallet Prayers X X No
In-Wallet Bible Reader X X No
Church Tithing   X No
Mobile Wallet for sending/receiving X X X
Mobile Wallet Mining or Staking  X No
Physical Healing Campaigns  X No
Spiritual Warfare Campaigns  X No
Bearing Real Fruit (Healing, Warfare, Prayers, Sharing Gospel, and Tithing)   X No
Quantitative Tightening (If voted in)   X No
SegWit, Lightning compatibility, DAAP compatibility, Bitcoins most modern Security commits   X X
Non financial transaction support  X X
Deterministic Sanctuaries  X No
Deflationary Emission schedule X X X
Benefiting charities in a partially-decentralized way (88 orphans) through vendor liquidations X X No
Decentralize charity payments in smaller shares    No   X
501c3 for tax-deductible donations    No   X
In-wallet Chat X X No
Integrated Watchman-on-the-wall (Automatic budgeting)   X No
Generation II UI Design (Sleek modern menus and modern theme) X X X
Governance, Sanctuary Voting, decision support system, dispurspements, superblocks X X No
Voting for Christian Objects    No X
Christian Spaces (HTML5)    No X
Stratis Integration   No X
Corporate Integration Features and C# (partially similar to NEM, Stratis use cases)    No X
BiblePay compatible Debit Card    X   X
Integration with Shopping cart for retailers    X   X
Novel Mining Algorithms (POBH + POG + Healing)   X No
Staking derived Rewards? (POG, Healing)   X No
Turnkey/Oneclick Sanctuaries X X No
In wallet proposal view/add X X No
Fulfilling James 1:27 X X No