Imminence of Jesus

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The analysis of the Imminence of Jesus ChristFill your Lamps
Description27 AD2000 AD2019 AD2100 AD
Matthew 24:3 - Birth Pangs (Wars and rumors of wars, False Christs, Famines and Earthquakes)X
Matthew 24:32 - Lesson of the Fig Tree (This generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place)

70 full years have passed since the restoration of Israel as of May 15th, 2019

Age of Adam, Abraham and Christ (3 dispensations of 2000 years)X
6000 years of human history completed (4000 BC Adam, 2000 BC Abraham, 4BC Jesus)
It is stated 1000 year for future Millenial Kingdom
120th Jubiliee - 2019X
Star of Bethlehem passed over Adam, Abraham, Christ, and Trump
Possibly marking the beginning of each dispensation
Restoration of Israel as a Nation - 70th year anniversary (Ezekiel 36 fulfilled)
In the last generation, Israel will be dwelling securely in their land again
Fulfillment of Isaiah 17 (Damascus destroyed)
Russia has a foothold in Syria, Damascus is half destroyed as of 2019
Fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 (Gog and 70 nations attack Israel)
Russia made alliance with Turkey, Syria, Iran in 2018
Antichrist Revealed
Third temple built (it is designed and ready)B
Peace Agreement (Covenant with Many) - In discussion with Trump and Netanyahu
In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh - Acts 2:17P
Revelation 12:1 sign fulfilled Sept 23, 2017
She was pregnant, and about to give birth (to a new Millenial Kingdom ruled by Jesus)
Many shall travel to and fro, and information will Increase (Daniel 12:4) X
On the first day of Obamas presidency lottery #s were 666, and 4 digit 7779
IE The beginning of the antichrist, complete judgement decreed (7779)
An exponential increase in Rapture dreams and visions on youtube with babies relaying I am coming nowX

X - Completed
B - Beginning
P - Partially fulfilled