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The analysis of the Imminence of Jesus ChristFill your Lamps
Description27 AD2000 AD2019 AD2100 AD
Matthew 24:3 - Birth Pangs (Wars and rumors of wars, False Christs, Famines and Earthquakes)X
Matthew 24:32 - Lesson of the Fig Tree (This generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place)

70 full years have passed since the restoration of Israel as of May 15th, 2019

Age of Adam, Abraham and Christ (3 dispensations of 2000 years)
Fulfilled in 2020 if we use 27AD (Acts) as the beginning of the church age minus 7 years for the tribulation
6000 years of human history completed (4000 BC Adam, 2000 BC Abraham, 4BC Jesus)
It is stated 1000 year for future Millenial Kingdom
120th Jubiliee - 2019X
Star of Bethlehem passed over Adam, Abraham, Christ, and Trump
Possibly marking the beginning and end of each dispensation
Restoration of Israel as a Nation - 70th year anniversary (Ezekiel 36 fulfilled)
In the last generation, Israel will be dwelling securely in their land again
Fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1 (Damascus destroyed)
Russia has a foothold in Syria, Damascus is half destroyed as of 2019
Fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 (Gog and 70 nations attack Israel)
Russia made alliance with Turkey, Syria, Iran in 2018
Antichrist Revealed
Third temple built (it is designed and ready)B
Peace Agreement (Covenant with Many) - In discussion with Trump and Netanyahu
In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh - Acts 2:17P
Revelation 12:1 sign fulfilled Sept 23, 2017
She was pregnant, and about to give birth (to a new Millenial Kingdom ruled by Jesus)
Many shall travel to and fro, and information will Increase (Daniel 12:4) X
On the first day of Obamas presidency lottery #s were 666, and 4 digit 7779
IE The beginning of the antichrist, complete judgement decreed (7779)
An exponential increase in Rapture dreams and visions on youtube with babies relaying I am coming nowX
In the last days, men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers... 2 Timothy 3:1 X
The first 69 Sevens of Daniel 9:26 have been fulfilled (Messiah would be cut off) X
Daniel 9:27, Daniels 70th Seven is prophesied to begin when the covenant with many is signed between Israel and the Gentiles
Major tetrad of blood moons 2016-2024 (not again until 2032) Acts 2:19
I will show wonders in the heavens above.
In the latter times some shall depart from the faith (1 Timothy 4:1)

Giving heed to seducing spirits (Prosperity Gospel)

For when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction

(Peace Agreement) 1 Thessalonians 5:3

Information shall increase - Mertons law, moores law,

and the rise of AI empowers the human race more than ever.

And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world, then the end shall come
Matthew 24:14

X - Completed
B - Beginning
P - Partially fulfilled

What was missing in 50 AD? After the church was formed by Jesus and the church age began, we had begun the age of grace for the Gentiles. The disciples had fellowship and even thought the end was near in 70 AD (1 Peter 4:7). What was missing back then? For one the Jews were already scattered across the globe and they hadn't been restored to their homeland. It was probably unclear back then the pattern of 6000 years of human existence, but we just started the age of grace. The birth pangs had not started yet, and the Revelation 12 sign was not seen yet. The gospel of the Kingdom was not preached around the globe, and information and people did not travel to and fro yet.

What was missing in 2000 AD? Hindsight is always 20-20, and it is easy to see how a person living in this highly technological age could come to the conclusion in the year 2000 that Jesus' return is imminent. After all we had the Mayan calendar prophecies, and Y2K going for us. And at the time the Jews were restored to their homeland, gathered from across the globe and living in peace and security! Information had increased and people were traveling to-and-fro. The gospel was being preached almost worldwide with the rise of the internet. We had a lot of historical signs in the heavens before 2000. We had not quite fulfilled a 2000 year dispensation, but being the year 2000 was certainly convincing. God had not yet poured out his spirit on all flesh. We did not reach the 120th jubilee yet. Damascus was not bombed yet. The alliances of Russia and Iran and Turkey were not formed yet.

What is missing in the year 2019? As of the year 2019, we have an unbelievable amount of scripture being fulfilled, proving the entire bible is exact and not one dot or tittle will be left unfulfilled!
In this year, we have the fulfillment of the 120th jubilee, the full 70 year anniversary of Israel as a restored nation - with the Jews living in their homeland in peace and safety.
Although they are not living in a land of unwalled villages yet (Ezekiel 38), this is mostly fulfilled already.
We have an alliance with Turkey, Iran and Russia forming (Ezekiel 38). We have Damascus mostly destroyed (fulfilling Isaiah 17:1). We have the fulfillment of 6000 years of human history (as of 2020) with only 7 years left for a tribulation.
We have experienced all of the heavenly signs, the blood moon tetrad and the eclipses, and we are only missing that the sun will be turned black as sackloth and will not give its light (3 days of darkness - possibly).
We are really only missing a Covenant with Many (Daniel 9:27), the Antichrist to be revealed, and the gospel of the Kingdom to be preached around the world (a great revival). It could even be hypothesized that these things could occur *after* a pre-trib rapture (IE, a pre-trib rapture could spark the beginning of a war - Ezekiel 38) and it could also be reasoned that the Gospel of the Kingdom could be preached by the 144,000 and really mean a Millenial Kingdom gospel (IE not regular gospel).
This all means that we must be zealous for Christ and keep our lamps filled and be watching. As technically, if a pre-trib rapture occurs first, all these things could be After, meaning we need to get ready right now.

Analyzing current events with Trump, Kushner, Netanyahu and Abbas What is fascinating about the year 2019 is that over the last 2 years, Russia has gained a foothold in Syria, most likely to have a future base for its alliance with Iran and Turkey. Due to the infighting between the US and Russian proxies, Damascus has been mostly destroyed already (fulfilling Isaiah 17:1 soon). The fascinating thing is which countries are aligning themselves with Russia : The exact countries prophesied in Ezekiel 38 (Turkey, Iran, Syria, Russia, and Ethiopia). This means that this is the first time in a 6000 year history where we clearly see the fulfillment of an "end-times" war. This means that If this is coming to pass now, we are in the end-times confirming the 25+ signs above (as to where we are exactly in God's timeline). Next, Trumps peace deal of the century is about to be proposed by May 2019 to Netanyahu/Abbas. Netanyahu has stated publically that he will not split Jerusalem or Israel property lines, and will even annex land. Trumps plan most likely contains a trade-off - something that gives Israeli land to the PA. This means these two people are in direct conflict with each other. It alludes to a deal most likely being rejected. However, this also means that the PA could get agitated, or this spark could cause a war, sparking the prophesies to fulfill. Part of the unfulfilled : Damascus being destroyed, a hole being blown in the walls of Israel, Ezekiel 38 war to start. It is possible the failed peace agreement causes turmoil in the land, causing Iran to attempt to bomb Israel, leaving it unwalled, causing Israel to launch an attack against Iran, destroying Damascus. This would be enough to start WW3, with Russia starting Ezekiel 38. Then the pre-trib rapture occurs when Russia decides they want to "take the US out of the picture first" so we dont come to the aid of Israel. Russia bombs the US, the US cannot help Israel (as is prophesied in Ezekiel, only God helps Israel). Then *after* the rapture, the Antichrist can be revealed during the great confusion, promising to restore order. Then the convent of many is signed.

In light of the above paragraph, how should we be living? Zealously for Christ? We are called to Occupy and to be In this world but not Of this World. It is of my opinion that if time is limited, we need to be spreading the Gospel of Jesus.