Decentralized Autonomous Charity

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Decentralized Autonomous Charity

A DAC is a flavor of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The significant difference is that our operations revolve around charity. And the difference between a Corporation and a DAO is that a DAO is a self sustaining non government related entity that is not incorporated, and has no formal legal structure (such as 501c3 or for-profit corporation).

How to donate to the DAC

From our core wallet, click Send Money and check Donate To Foundation.

Our current charities

As of December 2022, we sponsor 60 children over 3 charities: 35 from Cameroon-One, 15 from Kairos Childrens Fund, and 5 from

The primary reasons that we still sponsor with these partners include: We have existing relationships with these organizations, the monthly costs are low ($25-$40 per month each), we see the majority reaches the beneficiary, the children are truly in desperate need (these are not children living at home -- they are mostly homeless), these orgs provide limited schooling and health care and food, these orgs are Jesus based, they accept BIBLEPAY as a source of payment, and we have a propensity to continue with children we already started until we cannot afford the child or the organization is found to be questionable.