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A. Rent a Cloud Server (Vultr, AWS, Google, Azure, etc)

Vultr $5/month (1 CPU 1GB RAM)
AWS $8.3/month (1 CPU 1GB RAM)

1. Create Account

2. Add Payment Information

3. Download & Install PuTTY (SSH Client):

4. OPTIONAL: Generate SSH Public/Private Keys

5. Deploy Instance

Instance Type: VC2
1. Server Location: Random
2. Server Type: Ubuntu 16.04 x64
3. Server Size: 1 CPU, 1024MB RAM, $5/mo (*Assuming using SWAP file later for more RAM)
6. SSH Key: Add and Select Public Key you added in Step #4
7. Serverhostname: Add unique name

6. Use Putty to Connect to Vultr Server
Enter IP Address, Port 22, Connection type SSH
You can add your private key file: Connection >> SSH >> Auth >> Browse
You can name and save your connection info:
Session >> Saved Sessions >> Enter a Unique Name >> Save

7. Install BiblePay

7a. Swap File
Before running last command "sudo make", set up the swap file:

 free #check if swap is 0
 dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap.img bs=1024k count=1000
 mkswap /var/swap.img
 swapon /var/swap.img
 free #check if swap is 1024

8. Continue on with Create Sanctuary Wiki:
My previous masternode notes: