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What is Wrapped BiblePay

Wrapped BBP starts with an unspent biblepay coin. Next this coin is sent to Wrapping Services. This service wraps the BBP into a BEP20 token visible on the Binance Smart Chain.

What can I do with this Wrapped BIBLEPAY?

You can invest wBBP in a Defi contract. One example is this contract here, at YieldFields Finance:

Step by Step Guide to Investing into a YieldField contract

Step 1: Install metamask as a browser extension into your browser. This will let you see the Wrapped BBP that you buy, and see the Binance Smart Chain. Be sure to install metamask from the chrome browser extension page for security purposes, here is the link:

Step 2: Configure Metamask to allow you to view the Binance Smart Chain. This will allow you to view assets stored on the BSC chain (in contrast to on the Ethereum chain). See this guide:

Step 3: Add the wBBP asset to your MetaMask wallet: Click Metamask | Ensure you are in Binance Smart Chain Network | From the overview page click Add Token | Paste the Wrapped BBP Token in by pasting this contract address: 0xcb1eec8630c5176611f72799853c3b7dbe4b8953 (The decimal and name should be prepopulated)

Step 4: This step is only relevant if you do not have ANY BNB. Note that sending and receiving assets on the BNB smart chain requires a little BNB for gas (its only about 25 cents or so per transaction but the point is you must have some BNB in your metamask wallet). At this point you need to find some BNB. Note that if you are US customer binance won't let you buy, but if you log in on a VPN address outside the US, you can buy on and withdraw (with e-mail authentication). In my case I bought BNB from and withdrew it to my metamask wallet. This gave me enough for gas and enough to buy FIELD. Before moving on the next step, I recommend that you consider how much BNB you might need in total. For example, if you want a $1,000 BBP position, and want a $1,000 FIELD position, you may want to buy $1,000 of BNB at this time so you can use it buy FIELD later. Once you transfer your BNB to your metamask wallet, you should see the BNB quantity in metamask at this point.

Step 5: Wrap a quantity of your personal biblepay coins. As an example, let us wrap 100,000 biblepay. First navigate to this page:

Wrapping Services for BBP:

In the BBP field, populate 100000. (Optionally click advanced and populate email).

Copy your BSC smart chain receive address into the clipboard by navigating to : Metamask Wallet | Ensure you are in the BSC smart chain network | Click Receive | Copy address to clipboard.

Paste this address into the wBBP BEP20 receive address field. Click WRAP. Within 10 minutes you should see the wBBP in your smart chain metamask wallet balance!

At this point, you now have wrapped bbp, allowing you to participate in different defi activities and possibly new services we are not even aware of.

Step 6: Let us invest in Yield Field. Navigate to At this point the first step is we need to not only hold some wBBP (which we now have), but we also need some of their native currency (called "FIELD"). You can buy FIELD right on their web site.

To buy FIELD you will need to exchange a supported instant exchange currency (such as BNB or ETHER) for FIELD. In my case I have BNB in metamask.

Let us assume you are in the same situation.

From YieldField, left menu, click "Exchange". You will now be prompted to link your Metamask wallet to the site, click Yes. From Metamask, it will be asking if you approve this.

Click Yes.

Now in the instant exchange dialog, choose the From currency (I chose BNB). For the To currency, choose "FIELD".

Allow the page to update with the estimated exchange value then click SWAP.

Now you hold both wBBP and FIELD!

Step 7: Let us invest in a liquidity pool that earns wBBP + YieldField ROI! From Click Farms | scroll down to wBBP area | Find a contract you like (I chose one with 589% ROI) | Click Approve Contract Approve the Contract first in Metamask Click Stake LP | Get wBBP-Field LP (This is equivalent to Liquidity | Add Liquidity) Populate the amount of FIELD you would like to invest. The page will automatically suggest an equal amount of wBBP. For example, if you populate 1000 field, you will see 154,000 wBBP. Click Approve. Now you have "wBBP-Field LP" available for the liquidity pool. Click Farms | scroll down to wBBP area to the contract you like | Click Stake Enter the amount you wish to add (I entered almost all of my LP in the box) Click Stake Now my dialog updated and says I have 10,000 wbbp-field lp staked in this contract.