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BiblePay differentiates itself from other cryptocurrencies by providing real world use cases through useful services.


  • Host files (large or small) such as documents and videos. You may upload your file either programatically with c#, or through our social media website. The fees are only 1bbp per Meg per month. Our files are d-dos protected and served over our CDN (content delivery network) for high speed delivery. We pay the bandwidth costs, the CDN costs and the hosting fees for you. We also back up the data.
  • Content creators may add videos to our social media system, where users may upvote/downvote, Tip channels and make comments.
  • Store Database data: Our decentralized sidechain can store your data relieving you of the nuisances of hosting your own database. We specialize in NoSQL storage of JSON documents. Generally, you will store your transactional records or metadata in our database, and this can point to or reference the files you have hosted with us.
  • Instant sidechain cryptocurrency transfer: You can send and receive funds without the core wallet.
  • E-Commerce: You can instantly start an e-commerce storefront, and accept BBP using our biblepay.dll.
  • C# integration: Our biblepay.dll allows your business to integrate directly with biblepays sidechain, giving you a dedicated customer sidechain for each of your distinct business needs.
  • Microtransaction billing: We offer a unique invoice that allows you to asynchronously bill microtransactions to your clients, which are automatically settled at certain frequencies. This gives you the opportunity to write innovative solutions such as vending machines, gaming sites, service provisioning, etc.
  • Greeting Cards: Physical mail delivery of custom made greeting cards.
  • BiblePay University: Take free college courses and earn your Bachelors of Theology.
  • NFTs: Market custom made NFTs in our marketplace. Sponsor orphan NFTs.
  • RandomX (XMR+BBP) merge (dual-revenue) mining: Our chain pays both BBP+XMR in rewards for POW mining.
  • Amazon Marketplace: Spend your BiblePay on any Amazon Prime item in the US, with free delivery (see | Storefront)