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BiblePay (BBP), a Charity Christian Cryptocurrency,
welcomes all World Community Grid and [email protected] Crunchers
to start earning BiblePay coins for their volunteered contributions!

BiblePay recently removed its Team Requirement,
now anyone can be rewarded BBP coins without having to Join "Team BiblePay"!
(Note: If you are on Team Gridcoin or Team Byteball you are not eligible to receive coins)

BiblePay rewards linked BOINC crunchers every 24 hours for their contributed work,
In order to receive rewards you will have to buy and hold onto a small amount
of BiblePay coins in your BiblePay Wallet, this is called "staking"

NOTE: This guide assumes that you already a cruncher with RAC (Recent Average Credit)
on either BOINC Projects [email protected] (RH) or World Community Grid (WCG)

PART A - Download and Install BiblePay Wallet

PART B - Create [email protected] Account

Open BiblePay Wallet >> Distributed Computing tab >> Enter Email address and Password >> Click "Create and Attach [email protected] Account"

PART C - Get 2 BiblePay coins from Pool Faucet

A. Create Pool Account: >> Register Account

B. On left menu click "Faucet" >> "Non-Biblepay Faucet"

1. Enter CPID (Cross-project ID) and BiblePay Address
a. Find CPID:
1. [email protected]:
2. World Community Grid:
b. Generate BiblePay Receiving Address
1. Wallet >> File >> Receiving Addresses >> New >> Label: "Staking" >> Ok
2. Right click "Staking" address >> Click Copy Address
Command Line Users: ./biblepay-cli getaccountaddress "Staking"
2. Click Send button

NOTE: These BiblePay coins will take 2 block confirmations before you can use them,
so please wait about 15 minutes before continuing to Step #3 (average BiblePay block time is 7 minutes)

PART D - Associate/Link [email protected] Account

In Wallet >> Click "Distributed Computing" tab >> Enter Rosetta Username and Password >> Click "Associate"

Command Line Users: ./biblepay-cli exec associate rosetta_email_address rosetta_password

NOTE: Cannot link World Community Grid account, has to be [email protected] account, go back to Part B

PART E - Calculate Staking and Daily Profit

For 100% BiblePay Research rewards, you need 20 BBP for every 1 RAC stored in your wallet,
At a minimum, for 10% of the rewards, you need 1 BBP for every 1 RAC stored in your wallet,

Daily Reward = (Your RAC / Team RAC) x (Daily PODC Superblock Budget)

For Example (Using numbers from October 20th and assuming you have 30,000 RAC):
Your RAC = 30,000 RAC
Team RAC = 8,900,000 RAC
Daily PODC Superblock Budget = 1,077,000 BBP

So a cruncher fully staked with 30,000 RAC would get a daily reward of:
(30,000 / 8,900,000) x (1,077,000) = 3,630 BBP = $1.81 reward every day

To get fully staked at 30,000 RAC you need 20 BBP per 1 RAC so 30,000 x 20 = 600,000 BBP = $300
In this scenario you would earn back your initial staking investment after 6 months, earning $50/month, and make all profit afterwards

To get minimum 10% reward, you need 1 BBP per 1 RAC so 30,000 x 1 = 30,000 BBP = $15
and you would make $0.18 every day in rewards, you would earn back your initial investment in 1 month, earning $15/month

- Combined BOINC Stats:
- Budget and Leaderboard:
- Current Market Value:

PART F - Buy BiblePay coins for Staking

[TODO] (Buy Bitcoin [Create account, Use CC or Bank], Buy BiblePay [Create account, Send Bitcoin, Explain Limit Orders?])

PART G - Wrapping up and Troubleshooting

[TODO] Transfer coins to Wallet for Staking, Keep Wallet on 24/7, Get paid every day, exec getboincinfo

Misc: encryption, backups