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Installation on Ubuntu

Please follow the following easy steps to install Biblepay on Ubuntu:

  • Open a Terminal
  • Add the Biblepay repository: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:biblepay-official/mainnet
  • Update apt: sudo apt-get update

! NOTE ! Our Biblepay-PPA is temporarily closed. We are actively working on building the chiaBLS libary. Please check back in 30 days.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Note: ppa:_________/______ contains the tested Stable Releases. You will find the most current version of Biblepay on ppa:_______/nightly

Now you can choose between two different packages:

  • biblepayd: Commandline only version of biblepay for servers
  • biblepay-qt: Biblepay with a nice UI for the Desktop

You can install them with sudo apt-get install biblepayd or sudo apt-get install biblepay-qt


  • Update apt: apt-get update
  • Upgrade all packages: apt-get upgrade

Usage of biblepayd

The biblepayd package installs two commands:

  • biblepayd: The daemon for Biblepay. You can start it in frontend (as your user, not as root) with 'biblepayd" or (better) in background with biblepayd --daemon"
  • biblepay-cli: The control command for the daemon. Stop the daemon with biblepay-cli stop

Useful commands

  • biblepay-cli help Shows all available commands
  • biblepay-cli getaccountaddress "" Returns the address of the local wallet
  • biblepay-cli getinfo Some information about your biblepay installation
  • biblepay-cli getmininginfo Information about the current mining status
  • biblepay-cli stop


Follow the Mining How-To at https://www.biblepay-central.org/en/mining-how-to/

Usage of biblepay-qt

You can start the desktop Biblepay application from your normal Application menu in your Desktop Environment (KDE, GNOME, LXDE) or start it from a terminal with your regular user (not root!) with: biblepay-qt

From there on, you can follow the standard documentations for Biblepay