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Portfolio Builder allows you to create a self directed portfolio of CryptoCurrency positions that earns daily rewards based on the entire portfolio. We even pay you based on foreign holdings as long as you have biblepay matched with it.

As of June 2021, we currently partner with these supported currencies: Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, and Ripple. We plan on adding more as we vote on them.

Index Tracking

BiblePay tracks an index of (our integrated currencies). We establish the weights of the individual coins and create a daily index price and store these prices along with the underlying currency prices historically so we can build an Index Chart. The BiblePay Cryptocurrency Index can be viewed inside the wallet from Portfolio Builder. This chart gives you an idea of the crypto market in general and its six month trend.

Trust Wallet Integration

To give our users wide investment choices, safety and ease of use we now integrate with Trust Wallet for our Portfolio Builder. (This was previously known as UTXO staking). Trust wallet is entirely decentralized, meaning that the keys are stored on your cell phone (dictated by your 12 word seed phrase) and are NOT stored in custody anywhere. Also there are no fees to use the software (except normal transaction fees when you send currency). This gives you the ability to build an easily-manageable portfolio all in one place and still allows you to earn BiblePay ROI from portfolio builder on the position. (Note: We do not support every trustwallet currency yet for rewards but we will continue voting in more). The initial goal is to provide a cryptocurrency index for you that you may replicate by copying the 'index' and this would result in similar returns to the index. Or alternatively you are free to create your own subset of the index (and still earn rewards on that subset) and/or invest in all the other trustwallet unsupported currencies.

Simplicity to create a new Position

Now you can create a Portfolio Builder position from the UI. Navigate to Misc | Portfolio Builder. Realize there are two types of positions: BBP, called native, and non-bbp (called foreign).

To create a biblepay only position, simply choose BBP from the drop down and enter the amount you would like to allocate. This is an internal transfer and the BBP will not actually be spent, it will just be moved to your "UTXO-RETIREMENT-ACCOUNT" internally, and locked.

To create a non-biblepay position, go to trust wallet, scroll to that currency, click Receive and copy the receiving address to your clipboard (and optionally e-mail it to yourself and paste it in notepad for future reference along with other positions as you may want to add to or adjust a position at a later date). Back in BiblePay, choose the foreign symbol from the dropdown, then paste the receive address in. (Optionally write your 5 digit pin down also in notepad next to your receive address). Next click Submit. We will then monitor this address for transactions that match the pin. Next, to fund the position, simply send an amount of foreign currency that ends in the suffix (of your pin) to your trustwallet address. See Pin Examples for a detailed explanation of the pin.

PINS -- Sending the Right amount to Trust wallet to fund it

Let us assume that you want a BiblePay + DOGE position. You have already created a record for 1MM BiblePay. Now on the DOGE side, from Portfolio Builder, choose "DOGE". Paste your TrustWallet DOGE receive address in. Note the 5 digit pin. Let us assume the pin is 12345. To fund the DOGE position with 10000 DOGE, you should send "10000.12345" or "10000.012345" or "10000.00012345" to that address. We will monitor the address and when we find the transaction containing your pin suffix, the position will be inducted into the leaderboard.

Note that we now have the DETAILS tab in the leaderboard. Once you send your foreign amounts, you may click "DETAILS" from the leaderboard, and look for your CPK. Then you will see the Symbol, Receive Address, Amount that we found. This will make it easy to diagnose and find transactions that you sent.

How do I know if I am earning the correct ROI% per year?

As of June 2021, the ROI in prod is 12.7% for BiblePay, and 12.7% + 12.7% for combined positions. We still require $1 USD of value in BBP to be available for each $1 of Foreign staked. However, to remove complexity we don't require you to type in or match positions anymore. We do this for you automatically by assessing the portfolio. So let me give you an example of a portfolio that earns the full reward vs. one that is not set up correctly. Portfolio A has $100 of BBP and $100 of DOGE. This portfolio will earn 12.7% on the BBP PLUS 12.7% on the DOGE, simply because this person has $100 of BBP 'covering' the $100 of DOGE. Portfolio B has $100 of BBP and $10000 of BTC. This portfolio will earn 12.7% on the BBP, But only .127% on the BTC (due to the funding deficiency on the BBP side, resulting in a 100/10000=.01 factor reduction).

You may also double click on your leaderboard position for a detailed explanation of the ROI.

Where are my BiblePay coins locked in my wallet, and how do I unlock them to spend them?

To make the these positions easier to find and manage, we now have something called the "UTXO-RETIREMENT-ACCOUNT" in your address book. This is your personal address that you can fund offline with more BBP (or you can add to your position from portfolio builder).

To unlock a position to spend it, ensure that coin control is enabled. (If it is not, click Tools | Settings | Enable Coin Control Features | Save).

Next go to Send Money, click Inputs. From here click Tree View. Find the Tree node that says "UTXO-RETIREMENT-ACCOUNT" and expand it. These transactions are your BBP portfolio positions. If there is a lock next to it, you may unlock it by right clicking and unlock it. Now you can spend it.

RPC Commands

If you would like to see more details about UTXOs and PB positions, you can use some of our command line tools.

To show a list of PB positions (formerly called utxo stakes), type:

listutxostakes 0

This will give you all of the extra information available per stake.

To see leaderboard information from the command line type:



Q: How do I know if my new foreign position was established?

A: The easiest way to track your new position is to first add the receiving address in Portfolio Builder, and once saved, go directly to the Leaderboard (by clicking Leaderboard from the Left Menu). Click DETAILS. From here, watch for your detailed row to appear with the "Amount" that you sent. If it does not appear in 15 minutes, check the block explorer for your currency and address and ensure the amount is in a block, and ends in your PIN suffix (see PINS above). Then refresh the page again (by clicking Leaderboard | Details).

Q: How do I install Trust Wallet?

A: Trust wallet only works on the iPhone and Android mobile devices (there is no desktop version). To install trust wallet, navigate here: https://trustwallet.com/ . Or search for trust wallet on your device.

Q: Can I use other wallets and not trustwallet?

A: Yes, you can use other light wallets, as long as the sent amount contains the pin and the UTXO timestamp is current and the fees are not deducted from the funding amount.


Error Messages

Signing Transaction Failed Unable to Create Transaction

This happens when the wallet is locked. Unlock the wallet and then retry the Portfolio Builder transaction.

Thank you for using BiblePay Portfolio Builder!

May God bless you and your family with the richest blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!