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NOTE: This is currently just a reference dump, will continue editing and refining


oncoapop useful commands



Proof of BibleHash
Proof of Giving Campaign (Generic Smart Contract)
Healing Campaign (Generic Smart Contract)

Masternode (Sanctuary)

Orphan Letter Writing
Gospel Links

Monthly Budget



Should Windows and Linux guides be separate?
I think they should so more casual windows user will not get confused,
but it does then mean having to update same information in 2 places


NOTE: If you installed wallet before June 2019,
the wallet.dat location has changed and you will need to move it to new location

a. Download and Install Wallet
b. Open Wallet and Sync with Network

c. Get Starting BBP coins (Exchanges, Faucet, Letter Writing, Gospel Links)
c1. Send coins to your Wallet

d. Find and Edit configuration file biblepay.conf?
e. Run commands, Debug Console or Command Line

== Proof of BibleHash
(Default values? starts gen=1?)
- Need 125,000 BBP coins aged for 1 day in your wallet to mine a block
- What if you dont have enough coins?
-Use the Pool
(QUESTION: What happens if nobody has enough coin-age?)

[Could have 250,000 coins aged for 1/2 a day,
or 500,000 coins aged for 1/4 a day, etc]

== Generic Smart Contract Campaigns
exec cpk nickname


== Proof of Giving
exec join pog


exec bankroll howmany howmuch

(HELP: I do not understand exec roi)

== Healing
exec join healing

(QUESTION: Does healing need donations to work? What is default?)

GUI Wallet >>> Click Send >> Check "Add Diary Entry" checkbox.
In the textbox, type in a summary of what you did and when you did it