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The easiest way of installing Biblepay on Ubuntu or Debian is the usage of precompiled binaries. If you want to compile Biblepay for yourself, please follow the instructions given under https://www.reddit.com/r/BiblePay/comments/6ummuj/how_to_mine_biblepay_on_linux/


Important: "lichtsucher/biblepay" is an unofficial repository!

Please follow the following easy steps to install Biblepay on Ubuntu or Debian:

  • Open a Terminal and switch to user "root". If your user can not do that, then please login with root or a user that is allowed to switch to root.
  • Install the package software-properties-common, if not already installed: apt-get install software-properties-common
  • Add the bitcoin repository: add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
  • Add the Biblepay repository: add-apt-repository ppa:lichtsucher/biblepay
  • Update apt: apt-get update

Now you can choose between two different packages:

  • biblepayd: Commandline only version of biblepay for servers
  • biblepay-qt: Biblepay with a nice UI for the Desktop

You can install them with apt-get install biblepayd or apt-get install biblepay-qt

Usage of biblepayd

The biblepayd package installs two commands:

  • biblepayd: The daemon for Biblepay. You can start it in frontend (as your user, not as root) with 'biblepayd" or (better) in background with biblepayd --daemon"
  • biblepay-cli: The control command for the daemon. Stop the daemon with biblepay-cli stop

Useful commands

  • biblepay-cli help Shows all available commands
  • biblepay-cli getaccountaddress "" Returns the address of the local wallet
  • biblepay-cli getinfo Some information about your biblepay installation
  • biblepay-cli getmininginfo Information about the current mining status
  • biblepay-cli stop

How to mine

  • Set up an account on the biblepay pool website: https://pool.biblepay.org/
  • Create Worker Username(s) - Workers tab >>> Add
  • Stop the daemon biblepay-cli stop and edit or create the file ~/.biblepaycore/biblepay.conf
  • Start the daemon again with biblepayd --daemon
  • Check the mining status with biblepay-cli getmininginfo

Example content:



Usage of biblepay-qt

You can start the desktop Biblepay application from your normal Application menu in your Desktop Environment (KDE, GNOME, LXDE) or start it from a terminal with your regular user (not root!) with: biblepay-qt

From there on, you can follow the standard documentations for Biblepay