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Becoming an Active BiblePay Sanctuary and Sponsoring an Orphan

One of the greatest joys in the world will be acting as an Active Sanctuary that sponsors a child!
As you know, BiblePay only partners with the most efficient charities, who are publically recognized as those who have integrity.
See more about Cameroon-One, a division of One Track International.

Please follow this guide to activate your child for POOS (Proof of Orphan Sponsorship).


NOTE: Cameroon-One donations ARE tax deductible. Cameroon-One is a 501c3.
To find your Sanctuary Child ID, please right click on your Sanctuary from the BiblePay Core wallet Sanctuaries Page, and click Sponsor a Child.
This will copy the 8 character child ID to the clipboard (on a side note, the 8 character ID is also equivalent to the first 8 digits of your sanctuary public key).

After you sponsor a child with BiblePay, Cameroon-One will set up a "BIO" page. This is a web page that is publically available that shows details about the child. (This allows our investors and other sanctuaries to see the sponsored status of each sanctuary orphan).

If you child is in good standing (IE PAID for), the "STATUS:" on the bio page will show as "OK".
However, if something is wrong -- the status will change.

Note that when the status is "OK", your sanctuary will continue to receive rewards.

Otherwise, the sanctuary will start being POOS banned by other sanctuaries. This means, the Ban level will increase (it increases by 15 every 10 blocks). In approximately 24 hours, the sanctuary will be banned. (To see your ban level, please see the POOS column in the sanctuary page).

If you were banned, you can restore your sanctuary by typing "exec revivesanc sanctuary_name" from the RPC console.

Have your 8 character child ID ready:

Option 1: Check

Please mail a check for $40.00 per month being paid (this is a tax deductible donation) to:

 Cameroon One A/R
 28 Hawthorne St Unit 1
 Boston, MA 02119 USA

NOTE: You must write the POOS Child ID # on your check so the payment is applied properly!

Option 2: PayPal

Send to: https://paypal.me/CameroonONE

NOTE: Please paste the BiblePay POOS Child ID # in the Paypal NOTES textbox before submitting the payment!