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About BiblePay

Launched in July 2017 with no premine and ICO, BiblePay describes itself as a decentralized autonomous cryptocurrency that gives 10% to orphan-charity (with Sanctuary governance). The project is passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus, having the entire KJV bible compiled in its hashing algorithm (POBH). BiblePay (BBP) is deflationary, decreasing its emissions by 19.5% per year.

The project views itself as a utility that provides an alternative method for giving to charity. With Generic Smart Contracts, the project seeks to become the go-to wallet for Christians. In the future, the team intends to lease file space on its Sanctuaries and release corporate integration features, such as c# access to the blockchain. The BiblePay platform is a derivative of Dash-Evolution. Located in Dallas, TX, the team seeks to help orphans globally. The roadmap can be viewed at: https://wiki.biblepay.org/Roadmap

How to Mine or earn BiblePay

We have three different methods available to earn BBP: Running a Sanctuary (25%), Heat mining (25%), and GSC campaigns (50%).

  1. Buying a Sanctuary:

In this endeavor, you lock up 4,500,001 BiblePay on the block chain (this is the amount of collateral you must keep set aside). While you provide sanctuary services to the network, your receiving address will receive one reward per payment cycle (approx. 25% of our blockchain rewards). Do it yourself guide: https://wiki.biblepay.org/Create_Sanctuary_2 Or, to create a turnkey sanctuary through GIN: https://p.ginplatform.io/#!/

2) Heat Mining: To heat mine (a form of POW, called POBH - proof-of-bible-hash), you only need your PC running the full biblepay-qt client. Approx. 25% of our blockchain rewards are paid to heat miners.

We have two types of heat mining: ABN and non ABN. The ABN requirement is currently 125,000. In this scenario, the miner puts up a stake, of approx. 125,000 coin age (this is 125,000 BBP aged for one day). This miner will make more rewards, than a non-abn miner (they will receive the entire POW reward if solo mining, while a non-abn miner will only receive 80% of the reward and is forced to pool mine).

Solo Mining: To solo mine with an ABN, ensure you have enough ABN weight with this command: 'exec getabnweight 125000'. If you have more than 125,000 you are eligible to solo mine (or pool mine) with an ABN. Setup: Create your biblepay.conf file: gen=1 genproclimit=number_of_cores (Choose a number to replace number_of_cores that is the desired amount of CPU utilization. For example if you have 4 cores, start with 4 and raise it until your CPU utilization is at the desired level).

Pool Mining: 1. Create a biblepay.conf file: pool=https://pool.biblepay.org workerid=your_worker_name (replace with your pool.biblepay.org worker name)

2. Create an account on https://pool.biblepay.org 3. Create a worker on pool.biblepay.org (navigate to Workers | Add) - When creating the worker, choose "Non-Funded ABN" (the default), meaning you provide the ABN.

Turnkey mining (mining without sufficient ABN weight): 1. Follow the Pool Mining instructions above, except choose "Funded ABN" when creating the worker.

GSC Campaigns:

We currently have POG and Healing campaigns. The POG campaign (proof-of-giving) rewards you for: your internal coin age, plus giving a donation to the foundation. The Healing campaign rewards you for creating diary entries (such as when you pray for another person, or when you participate in outdoor street healing, driving out demons, or spiritual warfare).

To join the POG campaign and receive POG rewards: 1. Create a CPK (Christian-public keypair). Type 'exec cpk your_nickname' into the RPC. 2. Type exec join pog 3. The default giving amount is 2.50 bbp per day (to the foundation). If you would like to change this, change the key: pog_foundationdonationamount=nnnn (replace nnnn with the amount you want to tithe per 12 hours). To find the project reward for POG, type 'exec roi'

    Why be bullish for BBP:
  • There are over 2.2Billion Christians on the planet
  • We have deflationary emissions, of 19.5% per year
  • We are derived from Dash, a stable and respected codebase, with governance and sanctuaries
  • We give 10% of our blockchain emissions directly to sponsor orphans through 75%+ efficient charities such as Compassion and Cameroon One
  • When you hold BBP as an asset, you are helping over 100 orphans per month be fed, clothed and educated
  • We are one of the few who will offer c# integration within one year
  • We have a solid use case being released at the end of 2019: decentralized leased Christian file storage, Voting on Christian objects, and Viewing Christian objects
  • Over 40 unique features that make us worthy of the top 100: https://wiki.biblepay.org/Nutrition_Information