Pizza Delivery

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    How do I order a pizza with BIBLEPAY?
  • Navigate to
  • Click Buy a gift card (I used the $20 option which was enough for a large pizza with one topping + delivery charges (total=$17))
  • Click Add to Cart | Cart | Pay with DashPay
  • When the screen refreshes you will see the Dash address (waiting for payment)
  • Copy the Dash address to the clipboard
  • From biblepay, click Tools | Console.
    dashpay dash_pizza_address dash_pizza_amount 1
    (The address and amount are quoted on the web page, you should copy those values)
  • Once the command succeeds you will have the TXID
  • At this time the birefill website will be displaying your Dominos gift card credit card number and PIN
  • Navigate to
  • Order a pizza | Check Out | During Check out select GIFT CARD | Type in the Gift card # you can see in step 8 | Check Out | Deliver to Address

Congratulations! You just bought a dominos pizza in less than 7 minutes!