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POOM (Proof of Orphan Mining) - Paying for a Sponsored Child

Thank you for Sponsoring a child through POOM. As you know, BiblePay only partners with the most efficient charities, who are publically recognized as those who have integrity.
We pass every dollar through BiblePay to sponsor the maximum number of children.
If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding our integrity, feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected] Also, feel free to reach out to Cameroon One, Kairos, or Compassion to verify BiblePay's integrity.

If you sponsored a child through POOM, follow this guide to make a payment. First, follow the section that pertains to your charity below.

CAMEROON-ONE Sponsorships

Please find your sponsored Child ID. You can find this code by typing 'listchildren' in the rpc. (It's a 6 character hex code).

Option 1: Mailing a check to Cameroon One:
Please mail a check for $40.00 (this is a tax deductible donation) to:
Cameroon One A/R
28 Hawthorne St Unit 1
Boston, MA 02119 USA
!NOTE! You must write the Child ID # on your check so the payment is applied properly!
Option 2: PayPal: (accepting Credit Cards and international payments):
Send money to https://PayPal.Me/CameroonONE
NOTE: Please paste the BiblePay hex child ID # in the Paypal NOTES textbox before submitting the payment.

Option 3: GlobalGiving Match:
To use Global Giving, see this page https://www.globalgiving.org/recurring-donations-matched/ and set up a recurring donation, then notify Anna with CameroonONE <[email protected]> with your ChildID and verify the recurring donation is set up.

Option 4: Pay in BBP:

To pay with BiblePay, type 'exec paysponsoredchild' in the RPC console.
The wallet will send the coinmarketcap converted value to Cameroon-One's wallet with a special note containing the child ID.
If you have any questions you would like to direct to Cameroon-One please feel free to contact:
'Todd Finklestone <[email protected]>'


Instructions coming soon.