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Parallels of Exodus and the Current AgeBe Rapture Ready
EventExodus I (Exodus) or II (Cyrus/Babylon)Church Age
Exodus I1 - Waters Turn to Blood (Exodus 7:14) Waters turn to blood in Russia 9/2016, India 2/2019
Exodus I2 - Frogs (Exodus 8:1) Unprecedented frogs invade in Addison VT, 7/2019 covering everything
Exodus I3. Lice (Exodus 8:16)
Exodus I4. Flies (Exodus 8:20)
Exodus I5. Livestock Diseases (Exodus 9:4) In the last decade, west nile, sars and zoonoses have increased
Exodus I6. Boils (Exodus 9:8)
Exodus I7. Hail (Exodus 9:13) Perth 2010 and Mexico 2020
Exodus I8. Locusts (Exodus 10:14) African and Ethiopian Locust invasion eating all the crops
Exodus I9. Darnkess (Exodus 10:21) It is prophesied of 3 days of darnkess
Exodus I10. Death of Firstborn Children (Exodus 11:1)

X - Completed
B - Beginning
P - Partially fulfilled