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BiblePay Nutritional Information GuideHelping over 87 Orphans Globally and supporting Hope For Widows
DescriptionFeature Available NowReleased in Evolution (June 2019)Comparison to #25, DogeCoinAvailable in December, 2019Available in the Future
Anti GPU (AES512, BibleHashing, Limited nonces)XXNo
Anti GPU phase 2 (Signed CPKs with ABN weight)  XNo
Commodity PC Mining (POBH)XXNo
Full Nodes required to mine X X No
Anti-Botnet (ABN)   X No
Data Storage (We can store keys, values, prayers, campaigns, points, and more) X X No
Daily Generic Smart Contracts   X No
Multiple Campaign support for users (POG, Healing)   X No
Soft Consensus Business Logic (See: Stable-Prod)  X No
Security (POW, POBH, DGW) X X X
51% Attack Prevention (ChainLocks)   X No
Anti-Fork technology (POW + Dash ChainLocks)  X No
Reliable Prod Environment (Limited hard consensus changes GSC environment)   X X
In-Wallet Prayers X X No
In-Wallet Bible Reader X X No
Church Tithing   X No
Mobile Wallet for sending/receiving X X X
Mobile Wallet Staking  X No
Physical Healing Campaigns  X No
Spiritual Warfare Campaigns  X No
Bearing Real Fruit (Healing, Warfare, Prayers, Sharing Gospel, and Tithing)   X No
Quantitative Tightening (If voted in)   X No
SegWit, Lightning compatibility, DAAP compatibility, Bitcoins most modern Security commits   X X
Non financial transaction support  X X
Deterministic Sanctuaries  X No
Future Proof Codebase (Follow Dash Prod Commits)  X X
Deflationary Emission schedule (-19.5% per year compounded)X X X
Benefiting charities in a partially-decentralized way (88 orphans) through vendor liquidations X X No
Decentralize charity payments in smaller shares    No   X
501c3 for tax-deductible donations    No   X
In-wallet Chat X X No
Integrated Watchman-on-the-wall (Automatic budgeting)   X No
Generation II UI Design (Sleek modern menus and modern theme) X X X
Governance, Sanctuary Voting, decision support system, dispurspements, superblocks X X No
Voting for Christian Objects    No X
Christian Spaces (HTML5)    No X
Stratis Integration   No X
Corporate Integration Features and C# (partially similar to NEM, Stratis use cases)    No X
BiblePay compatible Debit Card    X   X
Integration with Shopping cart for retailers    X   X
Novel Mining Algorithms (POBH + POG + Healing)   X No
Staking derived Rewards? (POG, Healing)   X No
Turnkey/Oneclick Sanctuaries X X No
In wallet proposal view/add X X No
Fulfilling James 1:27 X X No


BotNet A collection of computers either owned by a nefarious actor (For example, 100 PCs taken over in a school set up to mine BiblePay), or, a collection of computers owned by a single rich miner. In either case, rewards are funnelled to a mining monopoly or away from the public at large (creating lower user headcount). At BiblePay we are focusing on higher distinct headcount and sharing our rewards to foster community growth.

ABN Anti-Bot-Net Mining. This feature requires a certain amount of ABN weight to be present in a mined block. BiblePay accomplishes this by requiring UTXOs with coin*age to be present in the ABN transaction. Effectively, this limits how many blocks a bot-net may mine as they spend their coin-age.

Production Stability (Stable-Prod-GSC) - This feature splits our GSC (Generic Smart contract) payment interface between the client and server. The business logic is stored in the sanctuary (this allows sancs to come to soft consensus by voting on GSC contents by PAM hash). What this means is we do not need to release consensus changes to Prod between release cycles. This will give Prod a very high reliability.

Helping Orphans GloballyWhy is BiblePay Evolution (June 2019) better than ever?
DescriptionArchaic Step 1Archaic Step 2Archaic Step 3BiblePay Evolution is Released
Mining Algorithm ImprovementsPure POBH Mining: Botnets formed, Low head count PODC: Botnets formed, Ease of Use: LowPOBH+POG Clients: Ease of Use was good, Prod Stability: Low GSC Contracts: Prod stability: High, Botnets: ABN protection - No botnets, Ease of use: Very high (turnkey), Also: Staking + POW mining
Production StabilityGospel Features & Pool features released, Prod Stability: Average PODC: Prod was fairly stable but high risk for non-podc releases Prod was very unstable with POG hard-consensus updates Prod: Rock Solid in Evo with GSCs
51% Attack PreventionDGW + POBH: Good SecurityDGW + POBH: GoodDGW+POBH: GoodChainLocks: Prevents 51% attack possibilities
Anti-Fork technologyPOBH POW: Good fork resistancePOBH POW: Good fork resistancePOBH+POG Client Side: Fork risk increased due to consensus challengesFork risks reduced to close to zero with ChainLocks
Spreading the Gospel and Bearing FruitAccepting PrayersAccepting prayersAccepting PrayersPhysical participation: Street healing, spiritual warfare, prayers
Segwit, Lightning, Bitcoin Security, Dash Evo latest commitsOne year old codebase: FairNo Segwit/LightningNo deterministic SancsAll Segwit, Lightning, Security, and Dash Evo updates
Anti GPU/ASIC preventionAES 512 + Low nonces, GPU risk: Low (with low nonces)AES 512 + Low nonces, GPU risk: low (with low nonces)AES 512 + Low nonces, GPU Risk: Low (with low nonces) Signed ABN signature + AntiGPU signature + Low Nonces + AES 512: GPU risk: very low