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BlockChain News

Biblepay is pioneering a new blockchain feature that allows users to create News Articles and store the articles in the blockchain so that others may Read current news without bothersome or offensive side ads. This also adds value and novelty to the BiblePay currency.

The storage mechanism of the article is described here. The article itself is composed of HTML. Only the text of the HTML is stored in the blockchain, while images are stored outside of the blockchain. This means that years from now, one may be viewing historical news articles with text intact, but some of the pictures may no longer be hosted on external servers. This model was chosen to keep the blockchain size small and the storage fee small. In most cases, the text of the article is enough to convey the news to the reader. For very important news articles, it is recommended the images are hosted on reliable d-dos proof servers. Pool.biblepay.org will be providing free SAN service to host images.

Mechanics of blockchain news article storage: The HTML text markup of the created article is split into 1000 byte chunks. The chunks are stored in a CTransaction, evenly distributed across the vOutputs message vector. The header is composed of an XML packet containing the Headline name (the message primary key), the Message Type (NEWS), and the message payload (The article). Each vOut is assessed a storage fee of 500 BBP. This decreases the chances of spamming the blockchain with unecessary news. In the future a voting system will be added to protect the integrity of the NEWS, and provide rewards based on article creation.

Creating a News Article:

HTML was chosen so that a broad base of users may create articles with a low learning curve. The HTML subset supported by BiblePay includes but is not limited to: Text size, headings, text colors, paragraph justification, unordered bulleted lists, tables, and images. Most of the features found in the QT TextEdit HTML subset will work in BiblePay news markup.

Please see this guide for a reference for the supported HTML subset utilized in BiblePay:

QT RichTextEdit Supported HTML <a href=http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/richtext-html-subset.html>Subset: [1] </a>

Actual Sample of source HTML used to create a live biblepay article:

<h2>IRAN conducts new ballistic missile test despite Trump pressure</h2>

<img src='http://pool.biblepay.org/SAN/01667c78.jpg'>

<li>Written by: Bible_Pay
<li>Date: September 23rd, 2017

Iran announced Saturday that the country has conducted a successful test of a new ballistic missile design despite pressure from the Trump administration to stop, and vowed to continue its weapons development.

The new missile design has a range of 1,200 miles, according to a Reuters report. State broadcaster IRIB quoted an Iranian commander who stated that the country would not seek "permission" for future weapons tests.

“On the path to improve our country’s defensive capacity we will certainly not be the least affected by any threats and we won’t ask anyone’s permission,” Brigadier General Amir Hatami said.

State television added that the missile was Iran's most powerful ballistic missile yet.

“The weight of the Khorramshahr missile’s warhead has been announced to be 1,800 kg (4,000 lbs), ... making it Iran’s most powerful missile for defence and retaliation against any aggressive enemy,” IRIB reported.

Iran's last missile test was in February, an action that resulted in a new wave of sanctions from the Trump administration in July. At the time, President Trump tweeted that his administration would be less "kind" to Iran in the face of such tests.

The U.S. announced additional economic sanctions against Iran over its ballistic missile program and destabilizing actions in the region in July.

The latest test from Iran comes just weeks after North Korean tested its own ballistic missile, firing a missile that travelled over Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean.

"Iran is playing with fire — they don't appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them. <b>Not Me!</b>
 Trump tweeted in February. 
<img src='http://pool.biblepay.org/SAN/edc871f7.jpg'>

The White House has yet to respond to this latest test.

Courtesy of <a href=http://thehill.com/policy/international/352033-iran-claims-successful-ballistic-missile-test>The Hill</a>
<!-- b92a24be2796683a0cc58d1ee3e6a916903a93a0f8036f0f96e0fc7854e9138d -->

Above sample article HTML Rendered:


Step By Step - How To Create a BlockChain News Article

Launch the BiblePay QT client. Click News | Create News Article (from the Menu). Add HTML markup to the page describing the article. (Think of a Headline - a one line descriptive name of the article, this will be asked for during the publishing phase). To see your creation, click the Preview button. Continue tweaking the HTML of the article until the Preview looks acceptable.

Once you are ready to publish the article realize that each published article is a permanent record in the blockchain. Therefore it is very important to make the article complete and perfect during the first pass, so as not to end up with duplicates in the chain. In the future we will allow you to delete an article for a fee. For now, make it as perfect as possible, as a storage fee of 500bbp per 1000kb chunk is assessed during publishing. During the publish phase, the wallet will ask you to confirm if you will pay the publishing fee. The wallet will ask for a headline name- try to keep this under 255 characters so the News Lists will be formatted properly.

Once you answer the two questions, the wallet will display a News TXID. You may copy this to the clipboard to view the news immediately. Otherwise, please wait for 5 confirms before trying to view the news from the News List.

Ensure your wallet is unlocked during publishing, otherwise the fee will not be charged and the publish will fail.

Creating an Article and Dealing with External Image Links

Since images are hosted externally so as to not consume valuable blockchain space, image links must be embedded in the article that point to hosted image resources. It is recommended that the images are downloaded and hosted on a server within your control, so as to ensure the image will be available long into the future, and for the reliability of the news article over the long term. It is frowned upon to scrape a current news article and assume a certain media companies image will exist after today as articles can be moved in their entirety for portability purposes.

To make this process user friendly and to promote more article writing, Biblepay has added a feature to the pool to allow users to upload images, and will host the images for you. This process provides a short URL for you to utilize in order to embed the Img tag into the article.

    Follow these steps to take advantage of referencing a Biblepay hosted image using the Pool server as the image host:
  • Create the skeleton of your article and locate the area where you want the image to be placed.
  • Download the actual PNG, JPG, or GIF image to your local machine first.
  • Log into the Pool (http://pool.biblepay.org) with your Pool account.
  • Click on News | News Pictures.
  • Upload the Image to the Pool (using Add Picture).
  • Find the picture in the News | News Pictures picture web list.
  • Copy the URL from above the picture to the clipboard.
  • Paste the following code into your article:
    <img src='http://pool.biblepay.org/SAN/my_image_guid.png'>
  • Note that you should use the single quote around images, and ensure the img tag ends with a greater than sign, not a forward slash greater than sign.
  • Preview the article, and ensure the image appears. If not, verify it is constructed as above and re-preview the article.

    How to View an article from the Chain

    There are two ways to view live articles. One is from the RPC, the other from the GUI.

    Method 1: Viewing the news articles that exist in the blockchain:

    Click Tools | Debug | Console. From the RPC console, type 'exec datalist news'. Note, Biblepays exec command allows you to execute commands for advanced wallet features that our dev team is pioneering. The wallet should display a row containing each news headline and a News TXID. To view the news via its TXID, copy the TXID from the RPC text to the clipboard. Then click News | Read a News Article. Paste the TXID into the inputbox area. Click OK. This will allow you read a specific article.

    Method 2: Viewing the news articles from the News List UI in the wallet:

    COMING SOON. This option will allow you to see the News Headlines in a Table Row format, allow you to click on the row to choose one. This will also allow us to upvote/downvote, and see the Most Recent News articles.

    We may also add a news headline alert in the wallet overview page.