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Multiwallet Test by Rob A. on March 18th, 2019:

Ryzen AMD PC, 3.4GHZ windows 7Test 1: minersleep = 0, Biblepay instance count: 1, CPU utilization: 98%, results : 5900 HPS

Test 2: minersleep = 0, Biblepay instance count : 5, CPU utilization: 100%, results: 1200 HPS per instance * 5 = 6000 HPS

Summary: No exploit found in POBH when running multiple wallets on the same machine. The extra 100 HPS gained with 5 copies can be explained due to the extra hashes the machine squeezed out by working the CPU at a full 100% across 5 copies.


Note: The below test information is deprecated. We upgraded POBH to f7000 in December 2017.

Tested by InBlue:

(Inblue launched multiple biblepayd daemons with different -datadir switches) and then:

I accessed the second CLI like this:

./biblepay-cli -datadir=/home/inblue/.biblepaycore2


(I put the listen=0 in the conf file)


All values are taken after about half an hour of mining. Type of computer: 10-CPU Xeon Skylake.

Note: that for the pool to register more than one instance, every instance has to be a different worker.

Running 1 biblepayd at genproclimit 20:
HPS: 52k
HPS2: 29k

Running 2 biblepayd at genproclimit 10 each:
HPS: 29k + 28k = 57k
HPS2: 30k + 30k = 60k

Running 4 biblepayd at genproclimit 5 each:
HPS: 15k + 14.5k + 14.5k + 14.5k = 58.5k
HPS2: 19k + 22k + 19k + 20k = 80k

Running 10 biblepayd at genproclimit 2 each:
HPS: 6k x 10 = 60k
HPS2: 12k x 10 = 120k

So the conclusion is obvious - the HPS is about the same regardless of the number of daemons, but HPS2 rises considerably. The next test I did was running 10 daemons on 10 separate 1-CPU machines (the CPU is the same as in the 10-CPU machine) and also genproclimit 2 as before. This scenario gives:

  • HPS: 10k x 10 = 100k
  • HPS2: 17k x 10 = 170k

So this is even more than if you run 10 daemons on the same machine, which is 60k HPS and 120k HPS2, as noted above.


Solo mining
One 10-CPU machine with 1 miner gives 52k HPS.
One 10-CPU machine with 10 miners gives 60k HPS.
Ten 1-CPU machines with 1 miner each give 100k HPS.

Pool mining
One 10-CPU machine with 1 miner gives 29k HPS2.
One 10-CPU machine with 10 miners gives 120k HPS2.
Ten 1-CPU machines with 1 miner each give 170k HPS2.