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Welcome new users!
BiblePay-Evolution aims to be the most advanced, useful, and easy-to-use version of BiblePay ever!

Since the Proof-of-bible-hash (POBH) miner is integrated into BiblePay, you can mine using the QT wallet. (On a related note, no miner can mine outside the BiblePay core wallet with any mining program, asic, or GPU, all mining occurs from the core wallet). Mining with POBH will give you up to half the block reward. See GSCs (Generic Smart Contracts) on information about how to earn rewards in campaigns to earn from other reward streams.

How to Solo Mine with POBH
Edit your biblepay.conf, place this in the file:


NOTE: To make BiblePay easier, gen=1 is the default.

How do I verify that I am mining in POBH?
Once the wallet starts, type getmininginfo. If the HPS > 0, you are mining. (Wait a few minutes after starting for the wallet to be synchronized before checking as the chain must be synced for the miner to start running).

How To Earn BBP in the GSC Campaigns
To earn BBP in ways other than mining, we have project campaigns. Currently, we have the POG campaign (95% of the GSC budget), and the Healing campaign (5% of the GSC budget).

POG means Proof-of-Giving. See more about the POG campaign payments here: POG Payments.

First you must have a CPK (Christian Public Keypair). To create one:

exec cpk my_nickname

Then join POG:

exec join pog

How to send a GSC manually

exec sendgscc

Note: The wallet will automatically send one GSC transmission once per 12 hours, if you are mining. Note: In the POG campaign, the wallet will send 2.50, once per 12 hours as a default tithe amount. See the "pog_foundationdonation=" key below to change this.

Note: Your wallet must be unlocked for the GSC to send. Or, alternatively you can set the headlesspassword using this command:

./biblepaycli headlesspassword your_password

How to Override POG and Healing Defaults

To override POGs default coin age percentage:

pog_coinagepercentage=.50 <- This uses half of your coin-age in the POG GSC transmission

pog_foundationdonation=10 <- This sends a 10 bbp tithe to the foundation during the POG GSC transmission

healing_coinagepercentage=.40 <- This uses 40% of your coin-age for a healing GSC transmission

healing_foundationdonation=5 <- This sends a 5 bbp tithe to the foundation during the Healing GSC transmission

How are GSC payments for POG calculated

POG primarily rewards you based on your coin age. This means that people with higher available and unlocked wallet balances will accrue more coin age. Note this critical distinction: Users with funds locked up in Sanctuaries will not have that specific sanctuary collateral available for coin age, meaning rich users will not necessarily make more revenue than poor users. This is because our coin age requirement requires *free* BBP (BBP not locked up in sanctuaries). Next, POG rewards are also based on how old the coin is (not only how big it is).

Lets see an an example:

User decides to allocate 50% of free balance to POG
User has a 100,000 BBP free balance available
Users coins are 1 day old
Coin Age= 100,000 * .50 * 1.0 = 50,000 "points".

Next, POG also rewards you for how much BBP you tithe to the foundation, but to a much lesser extent than coin age (this is to keep people from gaming the system). You receive the cubed root multiplier of the amount donated per day.
Example (One Tithe with 7 days coin age, 1,000 BBP donation to foundation): Coin Value : 25000, Coin Age: 7 days, Donation Amount: 1,000 bbp. Points Accrued = 25000 * 7 * CubedRoot(1000^(1/3)=10) = 1,750,000 points.

Healing Campaign

The Healing campaign takes a different approach (than POW/POS/POG (proof of work, staking or giving)). In Healing, we reward the user for physically bearing Christian fruit by paying a reward for diary entries.
We realize we have a diverse background of believers out there, so users are encouraged to use the Healing campaign in a style they are most comfortable with.
If the believer is comfortable with classic brick and mortar churches, and praying for loved ones, they most certainly can enter a diary entry for completing 15 minutes of prayer for a loved one. Alternatively if they participate in spiritual warfare campaigns, or in street healing, they may enter diary entries for these activities as well. You may also enter a diary entry for baptizing others or being baptized.

Please see this page for more on Healing.